Milverton, Somerset

The Archives in December

Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to everyone!

The meetings of the History Group will commence in February 2024. The Milverton and District Archive now has a smart new logo kindly created for us by Bev Blackmore. Some of you may recall the image was first used by the Milverton and Fitzhead Society on the poster they created some time ago, so many thanks to them for giving the permission to use it.

Using deeds found in the Somerset Heritage Centre I can place the house previously known as The Angel Inn and trading in the 18th Century, now it is named Carlton House. Little Carlton was built around 1820 and added to the west side of the main building. It had passed from the Edwards family in the late 1700’s to the Young family and then at the 1814 bankruptcy sale, Thomas Davis who had married Sarah Young purchased it for £620 and on his death in 1832 it was sold to Mary Ann Day for £950 ……

She was still there by the time of the Tithe Apportionments of 1842 at dwelling No 31. The field attached at the rear was called Late Edward’s and the outbuildings consisted of a Pound House where cider would have been made. Correction to November newsletter, it was the Kings Arms in Wood Street.

Maggie Dinning