Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Conservation Group bird and bug homes

Completing a bird box
Completing a bird box

Recently, in partnership with Transition Town Wellington, the Conservation Group held a workshop for children to make nest boxes for birds and bug hotels for insects. Leading the activity was a very lovely, cheery, six-foot-six elf in stripey tights: Trevor Phelps. Supervised by Trevor and other helpers from MCVG, over 13 many nest boxes and 7 bug hotels were made by the children and their parents.

The Friends Meeting House hall was filled with the happy sounds of well-supervised hammering, sticking and stapling and, at the end of the session, lots of happy children producing future homes for our bird and bugs. They were also provided with advice on the best location for their nest boxes and information on the type of birds likely to use them.

The children’s concentration while working on the boxes and hotels was a joy to see and the wonderful sense of achievement as they proudly presented the finished results was clear to us all. It was a fabulous event and all resulted in some lovely home-made Christmas gifts to put under the tree this year. Let’s hope that the nesting birds in the spring will enjoy their new homes!

Taking a well earned rest
Trevor Phelps, Gwil Wren and Nik Thomas having a well earned rest!

In sharp contrast, this photo is of the organisers, Trevor Phelps, Gwil Wren and Nik Thomas having a well earned rest!