Milverton, Somerset

From the Vicarage in February

This is my first chance to thank everyone for their involvement with Christmas services and events in the Village…so many things happening for locals and visitors alike.

Carols In the Cowshed welcomed 600 people to Houndsmoor Farm on Christmas Eve. Particular thanks must go the Whittle family for being such superb hosts, they put so much work into providing a safe, thought-provoking environment. Thank you also to Tom and James Morrell and Jonathon Jenkin who provided such amazing musical support and, most of all, thank you for coming and paying into our buckets and card machine over £1,500 for Open Door working with the homeless people in the Taunton area. Amazing!

Suddenly it is February, the decorations are (mostly) away and, in the church calendar, we go straight into Lent….with Ash Wednesday being 14 February! Sanctuary Crafting will meet in Milverton Church on 7 February 6pm to 9pm where the theme is love…but not necessarily the St. Valentines sort…we shall be sewing and knitting small items, hearing more from the new yarn-bombing group and relaxing and chatting and enjoying the peace of the building.

The age-old question, what shall I give up for Lent?

I wonder if we could give up competing with each other, doubting each other, criticising each other and instead, love each other, care for and about each other; love this wonderful, created world and do it no harm, love all people and do them no harm…this might sound an impossible ask, but if we all tried a little harder this Lent, who knows what we could achieve.

Lent is an opportunity to change, reform and restart our lives and commitments. As Christians it is a time to repent of our past mistakes and to move towards Easter with a new sense of hope and joy.

May we each find a new, more positive direction this Lent, knowing we are loved and loving one another.


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