Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Parish Precept

The January meeting of the Parish Council (PC) included discussions on the services that it was felt the PC should budget to pay for in 2024/25 if these were cut, or even scrapped, by Somerset Council (SC). As suggested in last month, there was support for the PC to be in a position to commission gullies be cleared, litter bins to be emptied and to maintain roadside verges, as well as being able to contribute to local bodies who provide much needed services to the parish, and whose funding previously provided by SC is under threat.

The difficulty faced by the PC is that exact details of how the parish will be affected by the inevitable budget cuts will not be known until late February/March, which is unavoidably after the date by which the PC is required to have set the level for the 2024/25 precept. It is also only possible to get best estimates of, for example, the cost of hiring a gully-emptying crew for a day

Despite the uncertainties, the PC has to confirm its precept at its February meeting and based on discussions in January, this is likely to be in the order of £51,000, a rise of £19,500 from its current level, a 62% increase. It is calculated that this will enable the PC to provide necessary services that it is thought will impact the most on the parish were they to be withdrawn.

There is no getting around this being a significant rise, which would lead to an annual increase of approx. £32 for a Band D property. This is also separate to the rise expected in the Council Tax of Somerset Council itself, which is being suggested at a 10% increase (if allowed by Central Government), being close to a £200 increase for a Band D property.

As previously noted, this does not commit the PC to spend the money and were it found that expenditure was not required at the levels provided for, future years’ precepts would be adjusted accordingly.

Feedback has already been provided by several parishioners, which is welcomed, and further comment may be provided before or at the February meeting when the final decision will be taken. 

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone on 01823 432959 or email at