Milverton, Somerset

Parish Council December summary

  • The Council agreed to support the planning applications in respect of Little Fort, St Michael’s Lodge and Lynbrook (all building works)
  • The meeting was attended by the new PCSO for the area, Brianna Whelan, who it transpired had family living in Milverton when growing up
  • The preliminary report on the May 2023 floods is due to be completed by May 2024
  • The start date of highway works by Somerset Council in Sand Street (kerbs/giulies) and the major works required in Wood Street are not yet known and given the uncertainty with Somerset Council, dates are unlikely to be confirmed before 1 April
  • There is similar uncertainty in respect of the future of the #25 bus service. The period of review is continuing to March and use of the bus is encouraged. Unfortunately there seems little prospect of alleviating the difficulties with the current situation of passengers needing to walk down Station Road to the temporary bus stops
  • The Parish Council gave its support to lobbying against the imposition by Somerset Council of a £1,250 fee for the road closure in respect of holding the May Street Fair (the following day SC announced that there would be no fee for 2024 so the immediate issue was averted)
  • Discussion was again held on the level of the 2024/25 precept

    Full minutes of the meeting will be posted on Milverton Parish Council.

    The next meeting will be held on Monday 5 February at the Victoria Rooms.

    If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter, please let me know.

    Tim Payne
    Clerk to the Council
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