Milverton, Somerset

Future of the Friday Club

It is very much hoped that the weekly lunch club will be resurrected, although it may not be entirely in the same form, or on a Friday!  
Past members, and those interested in becoming part of the group, met in the Methodist Chapel for a lovely afternoon tea last month to chat and meet some of the volunteers who have kindly offered to help make this initiative possible.
If you would be interested in joining the team, or would like more information as to what would be involved, please get in touch. You would certainly not be expected to volunteer weekly! If you would like to join or know someone who might benefit from being a member, again, please let me know.
Sue Knowles on 01823 400609 or at is organising a rota for ‘entertainment’ and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has any good quality board games such as Scrabble, Bingo or playing cards they could give us; nothing that takes too long, so we have back up if we do not have a speaker. I have spoken to some people in Milverton who have offered to give a short talk with photos to the Club. If you think you could offer to speak or some other kind of entertainment maybe sing or play an instrument or demonstrate a craft, do let either me or Sue know.
Contact Julia Hatfield on 07761 022673  or at