Milverton, Somerset

Milverton WI March update

The ladies of the Milverton W.I. had a splendid talk from Sue Williams entitled “Turn Right at the Piano and other tales of an itinerant English teacher”. This talk was both informative and entertaining. She talked about her time teaching and travelling in such countries as Nepal, India, Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, illustrating her adventures with beautiful photographs. She described the geography of some of the regions where she worked and visited, as well as describing some of the various methods of transport she used, such as tuktuks, cars, buses, boats and especially motorcycles (many accommodating whole families and their goods on one motorcycle). We were intrigued by her title and eventually she was able to tell us that this was a description of how to get around a hospital when she was a patient there. We all enjoyed Sue’s talk which gave us much to think about and discuss over the tea and biscuits which followed.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 7 March at 2.30 p.m. when Sally Kershaw will talk about how to enter and win competitions.  

Visitors are always very welcome at our meetings.