Steven Wort Hedgerow Chaplain

Hedgerow Chaplain in April

Welcome to April!
The Spring month of nature’s blossoming and beauty, everywhere around us! We started Lent on 14 February and went through to 28 March. 40 days of soul and spiritual searching of ourselves. 
Palm Sunday led us through Holy Week from the 24 March. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday 29 March being the day that Jesus was crucified, followed by Holy Saturday, these being the three Easter Tridium days. Then, joyfully we awoke on Easter Sunday, the 31 March, early in the morning, to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. Christ is risen….He is risen indeed!
Now that we have been through this momentous period of days, what do they mean for us in Jesus’s life? From 1 April there is a changing story that is happening all around. Nature has rebirth, new growth, blossoming of all that is around, and that includes us! We awake and come to life when the sun shines, when the warmth touches us and we go out into the world happier and more at one with everything around.
Whatever our individual beliefs or understandings of religion are, whether it is the Book of Life or the Book of the Bible, we can still all look forward to the new life that Spring offers us. We have had the time to reflect on our own spirituality and in nature we are aware of the greenery, the buds, shoots, flowers in bloom, the birds letting their voices be heard loud and clear and although the lambing season is coming to a close, we can view that new life jumping and playing around with innocent joy and happiness.
With our own spirituality refreshed, as with nature setting off again, all is alive and growing!  Let us the learn the lessons of Easter and ‘start again’ to help ourselves and those all around us.
Time to be proud…England’s St Georges Day is on the 23 April as is Shakespeare’s birthday. Both most excellent reasons to celebrate and have a party! Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and with a few red roses on the table, completes the picture of a quintessential English moment in time!
The 30 April at sunset brings us to the eve of Beltane, named by the Celts after their deity Bel, and meaning ‘fire of Bel’.
The 1 May or May Day, and the Festival of Beltane, bringing life and fertility back to the world when the energies of the earth are at their most potent, and also being the midway point between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. More on that in May!
Because of its nearness to the Earth, on 8 April at 1920, we have the Super New Moon, and on the 24 April at 0048, we see the Full Moon known as the Pink Moon, Anglo Saxon name Egg Moon and Pagan, the Awakening Moon.

April’s spiritual walk

The spiritual walk will be on Cothelstone Hill, meet in the car park TA5 1AU at 10am on 16 April. The walk will be around 3.5 miles and take about 2.5 hours. If Mother Nature works on our side, it should take us through glorious beds of bluebells. To book a place please email me at or on 07557 958013  
Steven Wort