Advent windows 2022

  1. Victoria Rooms, Fore Street
  2. Houndsmoor Cottage, Houndsmore Lane
  3. Old Halls, North Street on the corner of Mill Lane
  4. Felton Hall, North street on the corner of Parsonage Lane
  5. White Hart House, Fore Street
  6. Old Bartletts, Fore Street
  7. Barbrook, Fore Street
  8. Lockyer’s, Fore Street
  9. 4 Woodbarton
  10. The Old Quaker House, Mill Lane
  11. Sunnydene, High Street
  12. Dolton Cottage, Houndsmore Lane
  13. Silver Street opposite The Globe
  14. The Old Bakery, Woodbarton
  15. Devonia, Fore Street
  16. Gaiges, Fore Street
  17. Apple Garth, High Street
  18. White Gates, Houndsmore Lane
  19. The Old House, High Street
  20. Fort Villa, Fore Street
  21. Mansell House, Fore Street on the corner of Parsonage Lane
  22. Cridlands, North Street
  23. Tilsey Cottage, Fore Street
  24. Houndsmore Farm, Huntash Lane