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Contact: David Leyland
Address Old Bartletts Fore Street Milverton Somerset TA4 1JX Phone: 01823 400544 Mobile: 07857 637494 Website: Invista Photography

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David Leyland, a freelance professional photographer and videographer based in Somerset, England.

David is a fine art graduate from Canterbury College, England and has been passionate about photography for over twenty five years. Regularly featured in national UK publications, examples of David’s work can be seen in The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Express, The Mirror and The Mail – as well as in a range of international online galleries.

His distinctive video method has been commissioned by a diverse range of customers, including corporate clients such as the BBC, schools, small businesses and art galleries. In addition to conventional video techniques and specialised timelapse recording David is a qualified and commercially licensed to operate a UAV drone with high definition recording capability onboard. A combination of these skills give his videos their unique style.

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