Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Archive February viewing

A preview of the Milverton and District Archives (MDA) at the new archive community hub in the Pavilion at the Recreation Ground:

  • 15 February 10am to 12pm
  • 23 February 2pm to 4pm
  • 29 February 6pm to 8pm

Volunteers welcome to help man the displays.

For more information call Maggie on 01823 400142 or email at

All are welcome to have a preview of what will be available to you all. Free entry

When the new Archive is open, there will be a section for reference books, so shelving is needed. If you have surplus shelving or bookcases, please let Maggie know and we will try to arrange to collect.

Maggie Dinning
Phone 01823 400142

A home for the Milverton Archive

At last we have found a home for the Milverton Archive and are so looking forward to sharing the collections with you all. We intend opening to the village by the end of January 2024. We are indebted to the trustees of the Pavilion who have agreed the use of a room in the Pavillon.

There will be photos,maps, deeds and a library with an almost complete collection of the publications by SANHS starting with the first n 1851. Members will be able to borrow books from the library.

We will publicise our opening day after Christmas and look forward to welcoming you. This is a 6 month trial period of hire during which we hope to build up a membership to enable us to make it permanent.

For more information or if you would like to become a member of the MDA or join our group of volunteers please either contact Maggie on 01823 400142 or email

The Archives in December

Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to everyone!

The meetings of the History Group will commence in February 2024. The Milverton and District Archive now has a smart new logo kindly created for us by Bev Blackmore. Some of you may recall the image was first used by the Milverton and Fitzhead Society on the poster they created some time ago, so many thanks to them for giving the permission to use it.

Using deeds found in the Somerset Heritage Centre I can place the house previously known as The Angel Inn and trading in the 18th Century, now it is named Carlton House. Little Carlton was built around 1820 and added to the west side of the main building. It had passed from the Edwards family in the late 1700’s to the Young family and then at the 1814 bankruptcy sale, Thomas Davis who had married Sarah Young purchased it for £620 and on his death in 1832 it was sold to Mary Ann Day for £950 ……

She was still there by the time of the Tithe Apportionments of 1842 at dwelling No 31. The field attached at the rear was called Late Edward’s and the outbuildings consisted of a Pound House where cider would have been made. Correction to November newsletter, it was the Kings Arms in Wood Street.

Maggie Dinning

Milverton and District Archive November update

Apologies that the walk about Milverton suggested for October did not happen.

But instead, I hope to show a walk by Clive Perry some years ago. He remembers Milverton back in the 1960’s and I hope to show the recording in November. Look out for the posters!

The actual walk about in Milverton will happen in the spring time 2024.

I have been revisiting my research on the Angel Inn known to be in North Street in the 18th to 19th Century. Also, in North Street was the New Inn possibly the cottage next to St Mildred’s. I will give my conclusions next month.

The Kings Head was in Wood Street operated by Thomas King who was a blacksmith so his customers could take a beer whilst they waited for their horses to be shod!

This is an exciting time and we hope to be able to share some good news about sharing the Archives with you all very soon. The Milverton History Group FaceBook page has been very active recently with new members posting some great photos. Please ask to join us if you use Facebook, it is a private group for those interested in our village.

Maggie Dinning
Phone 01823 400142

Milverton District Archive September update

Milveton District Archive will be manning a with a bric-a-brac stall at the Table Top Sale in the Church on 16 September. We are hoping to raise funds for the Archives to keep it in Milverton.

If you have any items to donate to us to help raise funds, please contact Maggie on 01823 400142 or email And do come and see us on the day.

I must mention the sad passing of Nigel Wood whose actions saved the Archive collection and that of the late Howard Davies .

Maggie Dinning

Milverton Recreation Ground history

It is so good to hear the cheers and see cricket matches again at the Milverton Recreation Ground.

The land was purchased almost 100 years ago in 1923 by money raised by subscriptions from the village organised by the recently formed British Legion who gave £70.

Over 200 villagers gave amounts ranging from £50 to 3d in old money (that’s less than 1p in today’s money!).

The land called Swiftlys was being sold by the daughters of Rev George Saville Lumby Little who died in 1919. They were living at Pencraig now called Thorne House in High Street. The land was sold for just over £300, further land was bought bringing the total to £400.

Tennis, football and cricket was played and enjoyed, and in 1935 Miss Broadmead opened a new wooden pavilion.

A cricket pavilion was allowed to be built in the 1980’s which we still enjoy today.

If you have any further information about the Recreation Ground or any other aspect of the village, please email

Maggie Dinning
History Group and Archives