Milverton, Somerset

Thank you letter

29 December 2023
Mrs Christine Whittle
St Michael’s Church
St Michael’s Hill
Milverton, Somerset TA4 1LR

Dear Mrs Whittle,

Receipt of donation from Carols in the Cowshed Milverton.

We are writing to thank you for your kind donation of £1503.37. We really appreciate your continued support; it makes such a big difference in enabling us to help people who are homeless in Taunton. As you probably already know we have recently launched a fundraising campaign as our roof needs replacing over the next few months, and your contribution has helped us get one step closer to our goal. Warm wishes for you and the entire Carols in the Cowshed congregation for their valuable contribution during the festive season.

Yours sincerely,

Georgia Young
Open Door Centre Support Worker

Users of Wivey Link

Do you use the Wivey Link?

If so, do you need help with Wivey Link travel costs? If you have ived in Milverton or Preston Bowyer for more than five years, you may be eligible to receive travel vouchers.

Please apply to Jean Ainsworth-Smith, Clerk to the Trustees of the Milverton United Charities, at Knutsford Cottage in North Street or on 01823 400365.

Promiseworks volunteers needed

Promiseworks is a charity that supports vulnerable children and young people in Somerset.

We urgently need volunteer mentors in the Milverton and surrounding area. Can you offer time, commitment and kindness to one of our children/young people?

Mentoring is an extremely rewarding experience. We will guide you on your mentoring journey with
training and full support.

Please visit Promiseworks, email at or phone Sue on 07707 586111

We have successfully matched over 120 children, many more need support. Join us today.

Charity donations, thank you

Thank you to all of the generous people of Milverton, who gave £193.31 to Shelter Box and other Rotary charities when Santa toured the village. Special thanks to the good people of Upper Fairfield, whose party we joined in, and for the fantastic mince pies which we all enjoyed!

Thank you!

During the apple season, some local residents have been taking advantage of boxes of Bramley and eating apples which have been placed on the wall at the end of Mill Lane, together with a Rotary Club contribution box asking for donations to Shelter Box.

The result at the end of the season is  £95 towards this worthy charity.

Many thanks for all contributions.

Tony Hoyle

Christmas vouchers 2023

There are charities in the village, some of which were set up hundreds of years ago, to help needy parishioners, particularly in the winter months. There is an invoice in the records for 1923 for 9 shawls supplied to the Milverton Charity by Hatcher & Sons Ltd., Taunton (Silk Mercers, Linen Importers, General House Furnishers, Millinery and Mantles – and Funerals Furnished) for the sum of £9-2-4d.

Since then the Welfare State has come into being and, although there is still need, it is mostly met from State Funds. The Trustees decided some years ago that vouchers, to be spent in the Milverton Stores, should be given at Christmas to parishioners of Milverton (and Preston Bowyer). The vouchers are available for anyone who is 65 and over who has lived in the parish for at least five years.

Anyone who is eligible should apply to Jean Ainsworth-Smith at Knutsford Cottage in North Street by Friday 24 November. There is no need for anyone already on the list to apply again, but please let us know if there has been a change (perhaps a partner has died or is now eligible).

Jean Ainsworth-Smith
Clerk to the Trustees, Milverton United Charities

Milverton United Charities food bank donations

The Trustees of the Milverton United Charities would like to thank all the people of Milverton who donated their Milverton United Charities Christmas vouchers to the Food Bank and also Emma and Russell Jenkins of the Milverton Stores who made it possible. Thanks to their generosity, over £1000 worth of food and other essentials was transported by Milns Priscott and Arthur Whittle to the Food Bank in Taunton

The Trustees would also like to thank all the distributors of the Christmas vouchers whose help is greatly appreciated.

Wivey Link

If there are any Milverton residents (who have lived in the village for more than five years and who use the Wivey Link) who need vouchers for this wonderful enterprise please contact Jean Ainsworth-Smith at Knutsford Cottage in North Street.

Jean Ainsworth-Smith
Clerk to the Trustees, Milverton United Charities

Food Bank reminder

Non-perishable food items or other items such as shampoos and shower gels can be donated at the church for the Food Bank for those in need. The drop-off point is located just inside the main door.

Thank you

Next steps for Ukrainian guests

Six months have passed since Ukrainian refugees started to arrive in our area; they have established themselves in this new and different society, and in many cases have found jobs and settled their children happily into schools. We are at a point where it is time for many of the hosts and guests to look ahead to the next phase, when the guest families are able to move into independent rented accommodation. The difficulty, of course, is to find affordable places to rent.

At a recent meeting, hosts wondered whether there were possibilities in the holiday rental market – and we are now asking if there are people in the community who have a holiday rental (or indeed any other property) standing empty and who might consider letting it out longer-term to a Ukrainian family? We believe that most of the hosts would be happy to vouch for their guest families.

If anyone is interested or has further ideas to offer, please contact Wivey Welcomes Refugees at or if you have questions please ring Lindsey Waddington on 01823 401143 or Julia Hatfield on 01823 401082

Wivey Food Project February update

The freezer in Milverton Church has now been in place since November 2022

The freezer is installed just inside the large west door entrance, where you will find frozen meals, clearly labelled, on the shelves. They include soups, pasta meals and meat; fish and vegetarian dishes have been proving popular. We would love to see more local people taking advantage of this service.

If you have been able to make use of the food project which is offered on a “Pay as You Feel” basis, with a suggested donation of £2 per meal, please let others know who might wish to benefit from good wholesome meals at a minimal cost.