Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Archives April update

Milverton is very fortunate that the villagers back in 1923 purchased land to create a recreation ground, which they did with the help of the British Legion on the land off Buttsway.

The very active cricket club created a building in the 1980’s which now belongs to the Trustees of the Recreation Ground. It is a really useful asset, but it comes with responsibilities and running costs.

The Milverton and District Archive hopes to create a home at the Pavilion in the Recreation Ground. We can create not just a home for the history items of our village and surrounding area, but a community hub for the villages.

We hope to hear soon that our lottery grant application has been successful to take the MDA to the next stage with proper storage and to display items.

Open days will be advertised.

A big thank you to all who have supported the new home of the Milverton and District Archives at the Pavilion.

Volunteers are now needed, so if you have an in interest in the history of your village and its surrounding area, please get in touch.

Milverton Local History Group at

Milverton Lunch Club April update

The weekly Lunch Club will be starting on Thursday 4 April. It will be held in the Victoria Rooms until mid-June at which point it will transfer to the Recreation Ground for the summer months.

Doors will open at 10.30am and we will offer coffee and biscuits, followed by entertainment or a quiz.

Lunch will be at 12.30pm and we finish by 1.30pm.

A raffle will be included. Everyone will receive a ticket. There will be one prize, which will be provided by the Club.

Wivey kitchen will provide meals for £8 as soon as they are settled into their new commercial kitchen, meanwhile, delicious soup and pud will be provided for £6.

If you need transport, Wivey Link will expect your call.

Additional helpers are very welcome. Please do come forward, even if it is only for a few times per year. Call Sue on 01823 400609 or Julia on 01823 401082

The Archive March update

The Milverton and District Archive (MDA) having achieved a Charitable Incorprated Organisation status with the Charity Commission No 1200287 the trustees set about searching for a suitable place to not only house all the accessioned items, but to share them with the public.

The Recreation Ground trustees have agreed a 6 month trial period for the MDA to use the old games room in the Pavillion.

 A  grant application has been made to the Lottery Fund which should, if awarded, help make our stay permanent if the Recreation Ground trustees agree.

We are hoping to attract a large membership to help fund and run it. Membership is now open!

If you have an interest in the history of our village and would like to be involved in any way, please contact Maggie at 

Gardening Club March update

Highgrove GardensThe meeting of the garden Club this month is on Tuesday 19 March in the Methodist Chapel at 7.30pm. The subject is ‘Vegetables’ with John Addison. We look forward to seeing you there. 

A reminder of the plant sale on 19 May, if you are splitting plants or sowing seeds, please think of us, further details next month.

The Garden Club is very pleased to advise you that we have the necessary interested 26 Members and villagers and have reserved a Group Tour of Highgrove Garden for Wednesday, the 29 May, 2024. The coach will leave from the Victoria Rooms at 9am  Further information from Sue Rotherham.

Ruth Beaumont

Busy bees being a good friend

In January the Busy Bees thought about friendship, what it means to be a good friend, and whether the quantity of friends, their likes and dislikes or their ages matter. The story of the four friends in the bible, who carried their paralysed friend on his bed to Jesus, reminded us that good friends stick together. 

To reinforce this idea the Bees took two biscuits from a selection, sweet, savoury, big, small, round or square and stuck them together with a filling chosen from a wide selection such as marmite or jam.

Like the biscuits, people are all different, and what draws them together is different, but the important thing is they stick as good friends however difficult that can be at times.

Everyone went away with a friendship bracelet, and a lot to think about and act upon.

In February we shall be meeting outside again when we shall be looking for signs of Spring.

Julia Hatfield

Garden Club February update

Gardeners are eternal optimists, so I hope we are all looking forward to an enjoyable and productive growing season.

The rescheduled Annual General Meeting will now take place on Tuesday 20 February at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel. This will be followed by the first talk of the year, with James Cross talking about the Bishops Palace Garden in Wells. It is a delightful garden and will be interesting to hear about the work involved. I look forward to seeing you all there.

New members are always welcome.

Peter Hutchinson would like to remind everyone that Suttons seed catalogues are still available and will be at the AGM.

Ruth Beaumont


Milverton United Charities February update

People often ask about the Milverton United Charities (not to be confused with the Milverton Trust which is another village organisation). Many years ago land and money was left by parishioners to different charities in the village. These charities were amalgamated some time ago into one charity, the Milverton United Charities (MUC). The money that was left in these bequests forms the capital and the interest from the capital is used for specific purposes, mainly for the elderly people of Milverton. We have documents going back to the beginning of the twentieth century for payment for shawls, cloaks, overcoats, etc. for the poor and deserving individuals of the parish. Before the NHS was set up the MUC would also help with medical expenses.

The MUC is administered by a group of Trustees who all have a particular expertise in the village of Milverton. The interest payments to the MUC are then used for charitable purposes such as Christmas vouchers to be spent in the Milverton Stores for those people over 65 who have lived in the village for more than five years, and also vouchers which may be used for the Wivey Link. Many people feel they do not need their Christmas voucher for themselves and food is bought for the local foodbank in lieu. On occasions the Trustees will award small amounts of money for deserving causes such as a carer providing end of life care for a parishioner.

If someone requests money for a specific purpose this is looked at carefully by the Trustees and, provided it falls within the remit of the Charities, we have often been able to help. The MUC is overseen by the Charity Commission and we have to adhere to their stringent rules and regulations.

Jean Ainsworth-Smith
Clerk to the Trustees, Milverton United Charities

Garden Club plan to visit Highgrove House

The Garden Club is hoping to arrange a visit to the gardens of Highgrove House, the home of King Charles III in early summer at the beginning of the rose season.

The Gardens are very special and popular. The journey takes approx. l hr 45 minutes. Guided tours are compulsory, each of 30 visitors, and cost £30 per person. There are restaurants that can be viewed online.

Due to the current economic situation to hire a private bus the cost of the day would be approximately £60 to include the entrance fee to Highgrove House. Booking a visit is open from the 1 February, and dates soon become fully booked.

However, we need to know if there is enough interest from the Garden Club Members, and indeed any non-members within the Garden Club District who would also like to join us for this special trip. If you are interested, please contact Sue Rotheram, Secretary, as soon as possible, either by phone on 01823 401512  or by email at

The next Garden Club plant sale will take place on Sunday 19 May 2024! Please think of us when you divide plants or sow seeds. More details later.