Milverton, Somerset

Busy bees being a good friend

In January the Busy Bees thought about friendship, what it means to be a good friend, and whether the quantity of friends, their likes and dislikes or their ages matter. The story of the four friends in the bible, who carried their paralysed friend on his bed to Jesus, reminded us that good friends stick together. 

To reinforce this idea the Bees took two biscuits from a selection, sweet, savoury, big, small, round or square and stuck them together with a filling chosen from a wide selection such as marmite or jam.

Like the biscuits, people are all different, and what draws them together is different, but the important thing is they stick as good friends however difficult that can be at times.

Everyone went away with a friendship bracelet, and a lot to think about and act upon.

In February we shall be meeting outside again when we shall be looking for signs of Spring.

Julia Hatfield

Busy Bees at Christmas 2023

It was lovely to see so many Busy Bees at the Christingle Service in the church in early December, and then a few days later at the Candlelit Bazaar. Led by Mia Muscat, the Muscat and Hill girls organised the most impressive and successful stall for the Busy Bees. Not only did the ‘Guess where Santa will Land’ game run smoothly, it was visually fantastic and fun to do. The ambitious target of £65 for the Red Cross was reached which was incredible. Mia researched the Red Cross and made a beautifully presented and informative ‘display card’ about the work of the Red Cross.

Thank you to all who helped on the stall, ‘bought’ a country, and of course to the parents who are always invaluable.


Candlelit bazaar

Busy Bees November advent fun

Advent, which means ‘coming’, was the topic of the Busy Bee session in November. We thought about what would be coming in December – celebrating the birth of Jesus, and what preparations we make at school, in church and at home. We made some angel decorations for the church and voted on what sort of stall to run at the Candlelit Bazaar, and what charity to raise money for.

Busy Bees harvest time

St Michael’s Harvest Home, an informal family service, took place on a sunny Sunday afternoon in October. Busy Bees welcomed and directed the congregation, gave out service sheets, and served drinks and cakes that they had baked and decorated. Everyone enjoyed hearing and seeing so many of the group reading and acting out parts of the service. There were nearly 30 Busy Bees and many other children sharing in the celebration of Harvest.

The next family event will be the Christingle Service on Sunday 3 December at 3pm. It would be lovely to see as many people there as are able to come.

Julia Hatfield
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Busy Bees learn about the Sun

In July the Busy Bee session was about the Sun.

We checked the progress of our sunflowers, ate honey coated sunflower seeds and cakes decorated with sunflowers, painted sun catchers, and some of the group painted sunflowers on stones which will be displayed in the churchyard. Some of the Busy Bees were keen to enter the Flower Show and came away with entry forms, a matchbox to fill or a stone to decorate.

Busy Bees wildlife shelters

In June the Busy Bees learnt about hedgehogs and how we can encourage and protect them in our gardens. Working in teams in the Old House garden they built two wildlife shelters with an area for hedgehogs underneath.

Hidden in the churchyard is a hedgehog house which we hope will be inhabited as we know there are hedgehogs in the area.

We are very grateful to Robin Muscat for providing the materials, designing the shelters, and showing the children how to build them.

The session ended with ended with us all eating a hedgehog cake and celebrating the Busy Bees’ second birthday.

Busy Bees pond dipping

In May we met in Wilscombe Woods, and while parents could walk the bluebell trail, join the Rogation Service, and have tea and cakes, the Busy Bees were having a wonderful time pond dipping. It was a brilliant afternoon, and we were very grateful to Bridget Goldsmith and Chris Mann for their help, expertise and enthusiasm. With the aid of nets, white containers, white plastic spoons and magnifying glasses the Busy Bees surprised us all by finding and identifying newts, tadpoles, dragonfly larva, caddis fly larva, water boatmen and much more. The sun shone and no one fell in; a session we shall all remember!

Julia Hatfield

Busy Bees at Easter

If you walk past the church porch you will see the outside Easter Garden that was designed and made by the Busy Bees on Maundy Thursday. Please stop to admire it. 

Inside the church is the indoor garden which was the assembled by the Busy Bees and where you can see the risen Jesus!

The gardens will remain until Ascension which in mid-May, please feel free to add your own flowers or plants to them.

Julia Hatfield

Busy Bees food bank activity

In February the Busy Bees met at the Victoria Rooms to learn about the need for food banks, and to help organise the food that has been collected recently in the Milverton Food Bank. They learnt that non food items are also needed such as toothpaste, and easy cook food that only requires a kettle or a microwave is wanted as some recipients do not have a cooker. On the Taunton Food Bank website there is a list of what is particularly needed and what items they have enough of. The Milverton Food Bank is in the Church and some of the Busy Bees have made posters to advertise this.

We ended the session with some pancake tossing and races as Shrove Tuesday was two days away. As you can see from the photos not all the pancake tossing was as accurate as it might have been!

Busy Bees doctor session

We were lucky enough to have some of the Busy Bee parents, who are doctors or nurses, to help lead our January session.

We learnt what to do in an emergency and some basic first aid, and the Busy Bees particularly enjoyed exploring the contents of a doctor’s bag and making use of the contents on each other!

The fact we held this session in Milverton church reminded us that not all injuries are physical, and the Church can be somewhere where people can find peaceful healing of the mind when they are troubled.