Milverton, Somerset

Recent flooding

The Parish Council would like to thank all those who helped parishioners who were affected by the flooding on 9 May and our thoughts are with those who were directly affected – it is hard to imagine how those people felt seeing their properties damaged and having to move out of their homes. We are conscious of the ongoing help that will be needed over the next few months.

Whilst investigations are still ongoing into the flooding, the following has taken place to the date of this report (13 May).

Somerset Council’s Flood Relief Engineer visited Milverton and was shown the areas affected by the flooding. As so many properties were affected, he now has to write a formal report on why the flooding occurred and make recommendations to Somerset Council. This report will be sent to the Parish Council for comment before being finally submitted to Somerset Council.

Somerset Council’s Civil Contingency Unit met residents affected. Civil Contingencies Unit can provide help and support. They can be contacted by email at

Somerset Council are encouraging people to get in touch if they’ve been affected – anyone who has experienced property flooding can report it by emailing or flood reporting tool.

If you are aware of anyone who needs support please advise them to call 0300 123 2224 and choose option 1 during office hours – call the same number and choose option 4 out of office hours.

Somerset Prepared also gives useful advice.

Checks on the surrounding area are being made to see what factors contributed to the severity of the event. Local rainfall data is also being collected.

The Parish Council is collecting photographs and witness accounts of the flooding. Please send these to

Whilst causes are still being investigated and possible solutions devised, it will take some time before final conclusions can be drawn. In the meantime, we will seek to keep you updated on progress.

For all householders, this may be a good time to refer back to the Home Emergency Plan distributed in the last quarter of 2022. We shall revisit and update this to take into account any lessons learned. Should you have any other concerns please let us know.

Rod Burton
Chair Milverton Parish Council