Milverton, Somerset

Bubbles have burst

Bbubble have burst as we have been vaccinated and restrictions loosened but there are some Milverton folk who remain housebound.

Many large companies have visiting schemes where younger pensioner visitors kept in touch with older colleagues. As a former pensioner visitor for the BBC I know how important and appreciated my visits were, even if it was just a telephone chat.

Dealing with the pandemic has taken a long time and is not yet over and, for some, isolation continues because, they cannot get out and about to meet up with friends. The reopening of the Community Café confirms how important it is for people of all ages to get out and chat to friends.

Do please make sure you are aware of any housebound older folk who might like a visit or a call, and contact the Parish Office on 01823 400305 or email if you feel they need a contact: or pick up the telephone and call the person direct?

Elizabeth McDowell