Milverton, Somerset

Village litter pick

Litter pick 2022
Litter pick 2022

Volunteers are need for the village litter pick on Saturday 25 March.

Meet at the Victoria Rooms at 10am for an hour’s litter pick and then return to the Victoria Rooms for refreshments and cake.

We would love for you to join us. For more information call Anita on 01823 401014

The Big village clean-up

We had a very good turn out for the village clean up on Saturday 21 May. 20 volunteers came along to help pick up litter in the village.

Although the sky was grey, our volunteers were enthusiastic, and after their litter picking rounds they all enjoyed refreshments and cake and having a chat. Several new people to the village came along and it was good to meet them. Now the thank yous to the volunteers:

  • Special thanks to Karen and Gary Baker for helping organise this, and serving the refreshments and cake to the volunteers. We were very happy to welcome four children who enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows with their cake! 
  • The ladies who made the cakes, you know who you are!

Thanks also go to the:

  • Victoria Rooms for letting us use the Reading Rooms and the kitchen
  • Parish Council for supplying tea, coffee and milk
  • Milverton Trust for extra high viz jackets

I would also like to thank the Somerset West and Taunton Council for supplying the litter picking kits which were delivered and collected promptly.

Anita Dakowski

Wiveliscombe town square consultation

Following our survey to collect ideas last October, five options for improving The Square and town centre in Wiveliscombe will be presented and discussed on 28 and 29 January. Consultation events take place from 5pm to 7pm on Friday 28 January and 9am to 1pm on Saturday 29 January at Wiveliscombe Community Centre.

Proposals for The Square include improving pavements, reducing clutter, new seating and a small portico for the Town Hall. Traffic options include both less or more central parking, a delivery bay, a one-way system and a raised road surface.

There will be talks on the proposals at 5.45pm on 28 January and 10am and 11.30am on 29 January. There will be displays for the options to view anytime and the opportunity to give feedback. There will also be an online survey from 28 January to 4 February. Further details are available at Wivey Square and Town Centre. Our website includes reports on the initial surveys.

The project is led by a local steering group with Town Recovery and Welcome Back funding from Somerset West and Taunton Council, the European Union and the Government.

Jasper’s blog

Paws for thought

Calling all dogs!

Over the last 2 to 3 years I’ve noticed a massive increase in our poo being left around the place. This is embarrassing,
unacceptable and giving every one of us pooches unfair criticism and bad press. This foul practice is not our fault and has to stop. We therefore need to take the ‘lead’ and train our anti-social owners to ‘pick it up, bag it and bin it’ after we’ve done our business. They are never too old to learn a new trick and you should see the joy and admiration it produces on people’s faces when they have learned to do it.

Calling all Councillors! Okay, so if we do our bit you must now do yours and provide a few more bins around the village for our owners to dump the bags afterwards. I’ve sniffed around and come up with the following suggestions:

  • Bottom of Butts Way
  • Top of Poo, sorry Huntash Lane
  • Top of lane, off bend on Wood Street
  • Houndsmoor

Editor’s note

Jasper is saying what many people feel, however Parishioners need to know that every single dog bin costs £624 per year to have it emptied. Which is a cost levied on the Parish.

Reporting fly tipping

Fly-tipping, dumping rubbish, is an environmental crime. If you fly-tip you can be fined or jailed. It’s a blot on our landscape and a threat to wildlife. We can all fight fly-tipping by reporting dumped rubbish and, if possible, who dumped it.

Everyone, including businesses, must be responsible for how they get rid of rubbish, even when it’s left your home or premises. If you pay someone to remove your rubbish such as man-with-a-van, builders, gardeners, carpet-layers or others, ask to see their waste carrier’s licence, and make sure you know where your rubbish will go. If you don’t you could be fined.

To report fly-tipping use Somerset West and Taunton Council’s report fly-tipping online form or phone 0300 304 8000.

Busy Bees

This is a new group for children aged 3 to 11. There will be links with the church although we are not based in it. I was encouraged to set this up by the enthusiasm of the children who helped in making and maintaining the Easter Garden by the church porch.

The sessions will last about an hour, and initially will be based on people and their activities in the village eg keeping bees, looking after sheep, making bread and den building in the woods. Parents are welcome. The children will go home with an activity sheet which is entirely optional. It will have age related tasks, some of which will have bible links. There might be something to read, watch, make, cook, learn. I want this group to be fun and held outdoors as far as possible.

Our first session was held on Sunday 13 June, when Tony Hoyle kindly gave the group an interesting and fun introduction to bee-keeping.

The dates for the next three months are:

  • 18 July
  • 22 August 
  • 19 September

We shall start at 10am and if you are interested, I shall let you know where each session will be held.

I am going to contact the group using WhatsApp and email so please could you let me have one or other of these contact details on 07761022673 or email

Julia Hatfield
Cobbleside, North Street

Busy Bees honey comb
Busy Bees looking at honey comb
Busy Bees honey extraction
Busy Bees watch honey extraction

Allotment gardening

Allotment gardening has seen a growth in popularity across the UK in recent years. The Covid 19 pandemic has probably been a catalyst for many to pick up a spade and look for a plot in recent months.

Milverton is no exception and the allotments at Courtfield are very popular. Plots do become available from time-to- time: contact the Clerk to the Parish Council if you are interested in renting a plot for a small annual fee.

The plot holders at Milverton are a friendly bunch and welcome newcomers including those starting out with their first allotment.

So why has this become so popular? A common perception of non-allotment gardeners is that the incentive to take on a plot is about saving money with self grown fruit and vegetables. When the allotment movement started in the late 19 and early 20 centuries, this was probably the main driving force. It is still possible to save money on your food bill with an allotment but for many, this is just one of the benefits.

The 21st century benefits of having an allotment are much more than saving money:

  • A convenient source of fresh food
  • Proper food without chemicals, packaging or food miles
  • A chance to spend time in an open green space – a proven positive for mental health
  • Fresh air and physical exercise with a purpose
  • Anticipation of a rewarding outcome – also a proven positive for mental health
  • Social interaction (Covid 19 rule compliant)

Besides the gardeners themselves, there is one other beneficiary from allotments: the natural environment in which we live. Recent academic research has shown that allotments support a much wider diversity of pollinating insects and nectar rich plants that improve the wider food chains and ecosystems when compared to most modern farms. Allotments also have much more healthy soil structures compared to many modern farms. These environmental factors add up to a small but positive ecological benefit. It is just a shame that only a fraction of 1per cent of our food is grown on allotments. Maybe we need more?

Richard Earnshaw
May 2021
(Member of the Milverton Parish Council Sub Committee)

Welcome to Milverton Meadows

My name is Owen Hines and I would like to introduce myself to the Milverton community.

My partner Izzy and I are local to the Milverton area and both feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced the beauty of the Somerset countryside first-hand. Our upbringings have instilled within us a deep respect for the environment, and we still enjoy exploring the local surroundings that we are all so lucky to call home.

Our appreciation for the natural landscape has made our latest passion project – Milverton Meadows – the perfect fit. We have recently acquired an area of agricultural land located opposite to Milverton Sawmills, which we hope to eventually be open for the community to enjoy.

The development of Milverton Meadows has been designed to compliment the attractive amenities already offered within the local community. We have plans to enhance the current features of the area with multiple walkways alongside the river and new lake, as well as stables in the near future. Whilst we are currently at the early stages of the project, we also hope to work closely with conservation volunteers to encourage the local wildlife to enhance the natural beauty of the site in the most environmentally conscious way.

Izzy and I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm invitation to any local or independent businesses who wish to connect with the project at this early stage. Eventually, we would love to develop a close relationship with local primary schools, so future generations can be encouraged to visit the area and develop a love for the natural world that mirrors our own. In the meantime, we are confident that Milverton Meadows will benefit the local community in both the short and long-term and are very excited to begin a project centred so closely around our personal ethos of conservation and community.

We welcome and appreciate comments from those within the Milverton neighbourhood, as well as those in the local surrounding area, before we look to seek planning permission and ask that these are directed to our email address:

Further information about Milverton Meadows can be found on our website.