Milverton, Somerset

Milverton King’s Banner

Milverton King's banner
Milverton King’s banner 2023

Just after the death of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s on 8 September 2022 and her son, Charles was pronounced King, several of us were in church clearing flowers when the Rev. Helene Stainer said we would need a banner to mark the occasion.

In January 2023, after discussions, the materials for making a banner had been acquired by Rachel Bidlake-Corser who had organised the embroidering and making up of the wonderful kneelers in Milverton church. She applied the design of the new King’s cypher onto canvas and added the first stitches.

By late January and February the banner began to be circulated for others to add stitches including a weekly outing at the Community Cafe where others added stitches. It naturally evolved into a ‘Stitch for the King’ project to which Milverton Court Leet generously donated £100 towards costs of the wool.

Eventually 186 people added stitches, the youngest 3 years old and the oldest 96 years old and both our wonderful Ukrainian refugee families eagerly added their stitches. So important a community project did it become many clamoured to add more stitches.

Lady Susan Lethbridge generously donated the wonderful silk brocade with which it is backed and Mrs. Edwina Pugsley donated the cord for the piping that surrounds the banner. Kirsten Horton came across a pole that had been used for a previous banner. It was the exact size we needed and Milns Prescott was able to buff up the original brass knobs at the end and so it is now on show again with a new banner!

And so, this little wish expressed by the Rev. Stainer has shown how the community came together without the need to advertise and produced this amazing ‘Stitch for our king’ banner. A list of all those who stitched along with many photographs of stitchers will eventually be available in the church.

Free Coronation celebrations!

Come and enjoy a jacket potato with a choice of fillings, tea, coffee or soft drinks and cakes at the Methodist Chapel on Monday 8 May from 12 noon to 3pm.

There will be a free family quiz, free under-13s competition, pre-loved book, CDs and DVDs sale.

Stitch for the King

There is still time to add your stitches to the Coronation banner being prepared for St Michael’s Church. So far nearly 80 people, young and old have added stitches.

If you wish to add yours then the banner is at the Community Cafe in the Methodist Chapel on Wednesday morning. Come and have a delicious coffee and cake and chat in a friendly atmosphere and add your stitches or call 01823 400149 to arrange a time.

Very grateful thanks to Milverton Court Leet, who have offered £100 and also other donors, who have contributed towards the cost of making and framing the banner.


Coronation banner

For those who enjoyed sewing kneelers for St. Michael’s church plus anyone in the community and children there will be a chance to add stitches to a pennant banner being prepared to celebrate the coronation of Charles III.

We hope to start the stitches in January. Donations towards the cost of wool would be appreciated. For those who are interested, please contact Elizabeth McDowell 01823 400149