Milverton, Somerset

Open allotment day

Amendment to the previous open allotment post.

Come and join us for open allotment day. Have a look round the allotments at Courtfields from 10am to 4pm on 12 August for the day.

Anita Dakowski

Garden Club news in May

We hope you have noticed the new planter near the school. It was discovered that the old one had rotted and a decision was taken to replace it. Milverton Sawmill were tasked with making a new one, which they did very promptly and at a discounted price as it was for the benefit of the Community. It was installed and planted up with pansies and daffodils supplied by Ray Sellick (who sells plants at the Victoria Rooms community market) who also gave a discount for the same reason. We thank both for their help and support.

We are planning to have a plant sale, with tea and cakes, on Sunday 21 May in the Victoria Rooms between 2pm and 4pm. If you have any plants and or seedlings to donate, please bring them on the day or deliver them to me (Ruth Beaumont) at Hilltop, Buttsway.

Ruth Beaumont
Phone 01823 400127


Milverton Garden Club November update

The meeting for November is on Tuesday 15 at 7.30pm, in the Methodist Church and is entitled ‘Lift the Latch’, creating a mini version of his garden and garden improvement projects, with David Wright. It is a good time of year to look at you garden to see if you need to give things a’tweak’.

Advance Notice!, put it in you diary. The AGM and Christmas Party is on Wednesday 14 December at 7pm.
More details in next month.

Ruth Beaumont
Email or phone on 01823 400127

Wivey Grows

Wivey Grows is a community project based at Langley House in Wiveliscombe which provides a natural and peaceful environment for all to enjoy. With the aim of improving mental and physical health in the local community, Wivey Grows holds regular events to attract new members and to continue to provide natural enjoyment for people of all ages and abilities.

As a new project, it’s important that we publicise effectively, so we established the monthly blog which can be accessed via the website and through links posted on social media. This being said, many prefer paper copies and find it challenging to access updates about the project online, contradicting one of our primary aims of inclusivity.

Whilst Wivey Grows is based in Wiveliscombe, it welcomes with open arms, those from surrounding local communities including Milverton and Fitzhead, to make the most of our facilities and to join our great team of volunteers!

Thanks very much for taking the time to read about Wivey Grows, for more information go to Wivey Grows.

Will Varney
Editor Wivey Grows

Water for the allotments at last!

Allotment rainwater harvesting scheme

When the land for Milverton Allotments was purchased it was just that. There was no water on the site and people were obliged to bring water with them to their allotment garden, unless they put a shed up and added a water butt. This situation continued until earlier this year.

Previously there had been several attempts at getting water to the site but all proved to be prohibitively expensive. One of the important requests from the allotment holders was always that they had provision for water so the new committee decided to take advantage of the current climate where Rainwater Harvesting was becoming popular.

In May 2021 the Parish Council and allotment holders committee, had a meeting to put into progress the Rainwater Harvesting Scheme. A couple of the committee members drew up a design and costed the project. The Parish Council gave a grant and some of the allotment holders got together a working party to prepare the 3 sites that were chose. 2 sites were not really viable land i.e. one was a small triangle, one where a plum tree had stood and had had to be felled-only one site was part of a half-plot, which had not been cultivated for a while.

The first part of the plan went well and quickly the blocks to put the tanks were installed then we hit the Summer and the working party were on holiday, we then had some delays on the delivery of the tanks which eventually arrived in March 2022.

Then the timber frames were constructed and the roofs put on, and as a very last touch some seats were added under the roofs for shelter if necessary and some shelves were installed for swaps etc.
It was all finished about a month before the Jubilee.

It is now collecting water at a great rate after a couple of months drought.

A huge vote of thanks goes to the working party and organisers of the Scheme.

Garden Club Compostfest

As usual, at this time of the year, the Garden Club is offering Milverton and Fitzhead top class and reasonably priced compost, topsoil and manure.

Six products are offered:

  • Mix (topsoil, compost and manure)
  • Compost
  • Sieved topsoil
  • Mushroom compost
  • Horse manure
  • Farmyard manure 

The price is £2.35 per bag and includes delivery to Woodbarton or the Allotments at Courtfields. See sample bags and place your order at 15 Woodbarton before 21 September for delivery on the 24 September.

Pick up your order late morning, 24 September at the allotments, or afternoon of 24 September for the Woodbarton orders. Pay before the 24 September, cash, no cheques please.

Thank you for another bumper year!

Peter Hutchinson
Phone 01823 400272 or email

Langford Budville open gardens

Langford Budville open gardens events take place on Saturday 18 June and Sunday 19 June from 2pm to 6pm. The range of gardens is extremely varied, from small to large, mature to newly designed, formal to wild. They are spread across Runnington, Wellisford, Bindon, Chipley, Payton and Lanford Budville.

Afternoon tea is served at two of the beautiful locations. Pick up your map and ticket at the Langford Budville or Runnington car parks on the day.

Final details are on the Langford Budville Parish website.

Proceeds are donated to Reminiscence Learning and Somerset Wildlife Trust. Look out for the locations sunflower on signs and posters.

Garden Club May update

The last talk of this season has taken place and we look forward to summer events. The first one being a trip to Rosemoor during the Rose festival. It will take place on Thursday 30 June, travelling by coach. If you are interested in joining us please email or phone 01823 400127. Anyone can come, you do not need to be a member of the garden club, the more the merrier. The cost will be approx £12 ( the cost of fuel is an issue for coach companies), we do not have to pay to gain entry to Rosemoor. It should be a lovely day.

The second event is the Flower Show on Saturday 16 July, resuming after a two year break. The schedules will be available from the Post Office, with slightly revised classes. There will be the usual raffle and plenty of tea and cake. Start planning what you might enter, you could win a prize or better still a cup! See you there.

The work to rejuvenate the Jubilee Gardens will be paused through the summer. This is to allow plants which have been heavily pruned to recover, and to allow us to plan the next phase

Many thanks,

Ruth Beaumont
On behalf of the Parish Council and Gardening Club