Milverton, Somerset

Garden Club July update

I hope your gardens are surviving during this spell of dry and fine weather, we will all be grumbling when it breaks (we are never satisfied). The Garden Club have arranged a visit to Montacute on Thursday 10 August, the cost of coach travel is £17, entry is free to National Trust members and £15.20 for non-members. The visit is open to everyone. If you would like to be included, please call me on 01823 400127 or email

The Flower Show schedules are available from the shop and the post office, classes for all the family are included. If you have an award from last years show, please return it to me by the first week of July. Included in the schedule is the Window Box competition, it is free to enter and you could win!

The committee would be very grateful if you feel able to help set up for the Flower Show on Friday 14 July.

Ruth Beaumont

Things are changing at The Globe

After 17 years in the village, Mark and Adele have decided that it is time for them to move on but they are keen to secure the future of The Globe as a village pub. One option they are considering is to offer it to the village as a community buy-out, along similar lines adopted for the New Inn, Halse.

Mark and Adele have asked us about the possibility of The Globe being owned by the community and we have agreed to establish if there is support for this. We are therefore asking anyone who is interested in actively supporting this proposal and/or helping to provide the necessary financial support, to complete a short questionnaire. The closing date is 30 June 2023. It is important that this provides an accurate picture so reliable and considered responses to the survey are critical please.

Following the survey, we will meet with all interested parties to see if a decision can be taken on whether to pursue the community owned option. If there is not enough interest, the business will go on the open market, which could result in Milverton having a pub with a less certain future. In the meantime, Mark and Adele will continue to run the pub until a buyer is found.

Bev Blackmore, Rod Burton, Trevor Phelps, Gary Whittaker and Gwil Wren.

Lister House Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is an essential and valued part of the Lister House practice and helps us to understand what the patient experience is really like, and what we can improve. Our Patient Group is open to new members.

The role of the patient group is to:

  • Be a critical friend to the practice
  • Advise the practice on the patient perspective and provide insight into the responsiveness and quality of services
  • Encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own and their family’s health
  • Carry out research into the views of those who use the service
  • Provide regular communication with the patient population
    (Source: The Patients Association)

The Patient Group meets every two months. The minutes for our recent meetings are available under ‘Meeting Minutes’.

The Patient Group works best when it reflects the whole practice population – we would particularly be interested to welcome younger patients or those with recent experience of the practice.

If you have any feedback or would like to participate in the Group, please contact Peter Berman on 01984 623712 or email

Milverton stone head

Stone head
Milverton stone head

Milverton stone head, found in 1982 is dated to the twelfth century, circa 1170.

During work in the 1980’s in the garden of the Manse, the occupier was clearing an area close to the boundary on the church side. Whilst sitting down drinking a cup of coffee, he was aware of a face looking at him from a pile of old stones. These stones may have been left over from the building of the congregational chapel in 1820/21 or the restoration of the St Michael’s Church in 1848, or maybe from an even earlier time given its age of nearly 800 years! He picked it up and realised it was a worked stone in the shape of a head. As the village did not want to house it, he loaned it to the Taunton Museum.

So, in 2017, 35 years later when I found its whereabouts, I contacted the museum’s curator who was happy to allow access. A small group, including the wife of the finder, visited the Somerset Heritage Centre where it was stored in a drawer. Amal, the Curator, was so helpful. We had over an hour to examine the stone head which is about 23 cms by 14 cms and were even given tea! Amal agreed to allow the head to come back to Milverton on loan for the upcoming Milverton Street Fair in 2018. Luckily, the head was on loan and not donated so she was able to release it to be shown to the village .

Having given Amal more information of where the head was found, Amal realised the age and Importance of the stone head so she arranged for the head to go on display in the Taunton Museum where you can now see it today .

Maggie Dinning
MIlverton and District Archive


From the Vicarage in March

We are already heading into Lent and I bring my message for Lent…. similar to every Lent message for the last 13 years; do not worry about giving something up, instead take on a new challenge or a new way of doing things that gives a positive message.

The church can do the Lenten “I am a miserable sinner” thing really well, the ash cross as a sign of repentance on Ash Wednesday, no flowers in our churches, dark or purple vestments and going without the things we like best…the traditional fasting/penitence message during Lent.

But we all must change; our traditions must reform to be in keeping with our lives now.

Having witnessed the long-winded debates about allowing women to be ordained, to become priests, even Bishops now, I am reminded that tradition in our churches goes through a very slow process of change and provision always must be made for those who cannot deal with such change.

The same can be said about the debates about sexuality and premarital relationships, the remarriage of divorcees, debated over many years and provisions made for those who cannot accept these changes.

Now (or since 1991) the same-sex discussions excite the media, divide the church universal, and took 9 hours of debate in the General Synod (I watched it all) to finally vote to bless people who have been married or entered a civil partnership who are of the same gender. For some it is a step too far, whilst for others this does not go far enough, but it is a start! I am delighted that I can now offer such blessings and look forward to repairing some very damaged relationships between the church and members of the LGBTQI+ community. Provision is of course being made for those who cannot accept these changes.

As Christians our hope is that after this time of sombre preparation we may once again greet Easter Day, the day of Christs resurrection, with Joy and hope.

Meanwhile the people of this planet face much bigger changes, war, natural disaster, hunger, lack of clean water and sanitation, many can only see a hopeless future. This Lent let us rejoice at the small changes for the good of all people and pray for those we want so much to help, let us find new ways to help those in need today, take on a new challenge so that no one else gives up hope this Lent.



Christmas wreath making workshop

Completed wreaths
Completed wreaths

Lucy MacLeod showed eleven participants how to make Christmas wreaths on Saturday 10 December in the Methodist Chapel. It was a relaxing, creative event and was enjoyed by everyone.

Having all started with an identical empty wreath and a mass of greenery, it was fascinating to see the variety of different completed wreaths at the end. Christine Whittle was on hand to help with problems and Jill Ratsey and Liz Robertson kept us supplied with mulled apple juice, tea and mince pies. There was a raffle with superb prizes and carols were playing in the background as we worked.

The money raised from the workshop and raffle will be given to the Wivey Food Project in Milverton. Thank you, Lucy, for a lovely afternoon – with beautiful wreaths to take home at the end of the session.

Court Leet tree planting

To commemorate the 7 decades of the late Queen Elizabeth members of the Milverton Court Leet assisted by the past Chairman of the Jubilee Committee Garry Whittaker, planted 7 Oak trees (one for each decade of her reign) at the bottom of the Milverton Recreation Ground. The trees were grown from local acorns.

Her late majesty had instigated the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative to give people the opportunity to plant trees in memoriam to honour Her Majesty as part of the Platinum Jubilee.

The Court Leet consists of 24 men residents within the Milverton Hundred. Members are involved in activities which benefit the community.

The Court Leet stems from the late middle ages when justice within the Hundred was administered by the royally granted franchise. This power lasted until the introduction of magistrates.

Michael Sheppard
Port Reeve 2022

Parish Council December update

From the Parish Council meeting in November:

  • The planning application for tree works at Newington was supported. It was still considered that insufficient information had been provided on the applications re Butts Way and the land on Station Road that would enable the previous decisions to oppose the applications to be reconsidered. It was noted that the application by Somerset County Council to put advertising signs on the roundabout had been withdrawn for a second time. A further site visit is to be arranged prior to the proposed solar farm at Preston Farm being considered at the December meeting
  • A meeting had been held with S Notaro Ltd at which the Council’s position was put in relation to the developer’s proposals for dealing with the matters outstanding before any construction should commence. It was subsequently envisaged that a further meeting to include Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) and Somerset County Council would be held, but this was cancelled as information requested from SNL by SWT had not been provided
  • The toilet works commenced on 17 October and are envisaged to last for five weeks. Arrangements for obtaining a contractor to undertake cleaning are underway
  • The PC agreed to meet the hire cost of a room at the Recreation Ground for a social event as a thank you for the members of the Speedwatch and Speed Indicator Devices teams
  • A working party has been set up to review the Parish Plan which was undertaken in 2010 and to make recommendations as to any follow-up action that should be taken
  • Approval was given to purchase a new bin for the seating area in Parsonage Lane
  • A meeting with representatives from SCC Highways to review the areas in the parish that have flooded recently and to consider any measures that can be taken to prevent recurrences did not materialise but it is hoped this will be arranged at the earliest opportunity
  • The offer by the Milverton Trust to fund the provision of new Notice Boards in the parish was noted, with a suggestion that the first three of these be sited at the Recreation Ground, Preston Bowyer and Houndsmoor

Full minutes will be posted on the Parish Council website.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 5 December at the Victoria Rooms.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter, please let the Clerk know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email

Milverton toilet cleaning contract

Anyone wishing to quote for the cleaning contract for Milverton toilets should, in the first instance, contact the Clerk for further details.

Milverton AmDram December update

Sorry for the delay in getting out a newsletter, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes. You are all probably aware by now that we had to move the dates of the Panto. This was because of a last-minute clash of exam dates which would have prevented our younger members from taking part.

Thankfully our good friends at The Victoria Rooms were able to accommodate us.

As we say in Am Dram – the Show Must Go On!

Rapunzel – A Hair-Raising Panto

Rapunzel pantoFull of classic songs from the Rock ‘n’ Roll era, corny jokes and the usual panto silliness, it promises to be a lot of fun.

Tickets went on sale on Monday 14 November, so call or text 07585830760 or email

Don’t forget to tune into 10 Radio on Friday 2 December 9am to hear our very own Simon promoting our Panto on the Community Show.

We want to say a big thank you to Barry, Kate and all our friends and supporters at 10 Radio.

We are taking part in the Mince Pies and Merriment event at the Victoria Rooms on Friday 9 December.
Tickets are selling fast.

Christmas Reflections

Mulled wineFollowing our mini production of Deck the Halls with Boughs of Folly last year, St Michael’s Church has invited us back for more Christmas entertainment.

There will be poems, songs and readings to get you into the Christmas mood.

Saturday 10 December at 2pm, in St Michael’s Church, Milverton.

No need to book – just come along. There will be a raffle, and mince pies and mulled wine are available. Tickets are free, but we welcome donations to the church to thank Helen and her team for the wonderful work they do to support the Milverton Community.

Poetry and Pints

We’ve been asked to join in with a new event called Poetry and Pints because it involves . . . er . . . reading poetry and drinking pints (or whatever’s your tipple).

Join us at The Globe on Tuesday 31 January from 7.30pm. Bring along a poem or two. It can be something you’ve written, or a favourite, something poignant or something funny, something new or a classic. If you don’t want to read, you can come along and listen. It promises to be a lot of fun. It’s open to everyone, not just MADS members, so bring some friends along. I’m sure it will be very cultured and the drinking will be purely incidental!

And in other news…

Ginney has been working very hard behind the scenes updating the Milverton AmDram website, so do check it out. It contains all the information you need about what we’re up to. Thanks, Ginney!

Thanks to those who’ve already paid. Just a reminder that if you want to take part in any of our shows you will need to be a member. We have held the price low for you all.

Membership will cost just:

  • £10 for adults (performing) for the year
  • £5 for adults (backstage) for the year
  • £1 for under 18s per show

Let us know which membership is applicable and we can send you details of how to pay. We take cash, cheques or payment by BACS. If you want to pay by BACS, please let us know as we’ve got a new bank account.

With our mailing list now approaching 100 and so many productions in the pipeline, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Email

Get your diaries out!

Dates for 2022:

  • Mince Pies and Merriment, Victoria Rooms, Friday 9 December 7:30pm
  • Christmas Reflections, St Michael’s Church, Saturday 10 December 2:00pm

Dates for 2023:

  • Rapunzel the Panto at the Victoria Rooms, Thursday 19 January at 7.30pm, Friday 20 January at 7.30pm, Saturday 21 January 2.30pm and Saturday 21 January 7.30pm
  • Poetry and Pints, The Globe, Tuesday 31 January at 7.30pm

For further information about any of these, please get in touch, email at

For any of the events, do get in touch if you would like more information or to take part.

We have many more plans for 2023 which your hard-working committee members are in the process of finalising. These include a spring production, more play readings and another Murder Mystery evening. We even have a panto for 2024 in the pipeline.

If there’s something we’re doing that interests you, then let us know how you would like to be involved. If there’s something you would like us to do that we’re not doing, then chat to us about it.

We couldn’t do any of these things without your support, so thank you once more for all that you do for our group. We are lucky to be in a beautiful village with so much community spirit. You’re the reason we keep doing what we do.


Good News!

For our Spring Production 2023 we now have the licence to perform A Bunch of Amateurs by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman.

It’s the hilarious story of Hollywood superstar meets rural England to put on a production of King Lear and save a local theatre. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

We plan to hold another read-through and auditions for this following the panto in the new year. Watch this space for more information.

And finally . . .

LlamasTo get you into the 1950s mood. Hey, Daddy-o, why don’t you cool cats come on down to the hop and cut a rug? It’ll flip your lid!

See you soon, Drama Llamas!

Keep in touch!



Victoria Rooms in October

It is hard to believe that it is only just over three months ago that the Victoria Rooms was buzzing with events celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and now we are mourning her passing and welcoming our new King, Charles III. Particularly poignant was Bev Blackmore’s wonderful photographic display of her life, especially now the last chapter of her amazing story has been written.

Unfortunately, the September monthly market had to be cancelled but it will be back on 1st October with loads of stalls and Victoria’s Café will be open for teas, coffees and a delicious selection of homemade cakes. Despite the September market not taking place, the 100 Club draw was made and the winner was Doreen Orton – well done Doreen!

As mentioned last month, a number of our long-serving members announced their intention to retire from the committee at the end of 2022. To this end we urgently need more volunteers to come forward to help with the day to day running of our village hall. We have had one enquiry, which is great, but more volunteers are needed. If you feel you can spare a few hours per month and would like to get involved, please contact the current Chairman, Philip Knowles, on 01823 400609 or email, who will be happy to give you some more information. Even if you don’t feel you are able to become a Trustee, the committee is always pleased to welcome Friends of the Victoria Rooms, upon whom they can call for occasional help, such as setting up or clearing away after the monthly market or a fundraising event.

November Craft Fair

Following the success of the Spring Craft Fair we are holding another on Saturday,12 November. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase some unique and locally made Christmas presents. The Fair will run from 10am to 1pm and, this time, there will be additional stalls in the Reading Room, so even more exciting items to look at and purchase. If you are a crafter and would like to book a stall, please contact Sue on 01823 400609 or email – there are still a few stalls available. Entry to purchasers on the day is free.

Mince Pies and Merriment entertainment

Our pre-Christmas event  ‘Mince Pies and Merriment’ is on Friday, 9 December. This will be a brilliant evening of music, readings, poems and sketches, all with a Christmas theme, ending with everyone joining in to sing some of our favourite carols. Tickets are £7 each, which includes mince pies and a glass of mulled wine. There will also be a bar. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are available by contacting Sue on 01823 400609 or email Do put the date in your diary – this will be a great way to kick off our Christmas celebrations.

Victoria Rooms Facebook page is an excellent up to date source of information about what is happening in our village hall so do take a look at  and check out what is going on.

To hire the Victoria Rooms for a new club or society meeting or for a birthday party, please contact Geoff on 01823 401365 or email