Milverton, Somerset

Village magazine distributors needed

First of all, a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who kindly delivers our village magazines each month.

We are always looking for more volunteers to take over a round if someone moves away or to cover rounds when distributors are unable to deliver on occasions due to holidays or other reasons. If you think you could spare half an hour once a month to take a walk around the village and deliver a few magazines, please contact Sue on 01823 400609 who will be delighted to hear from you and give you more details.

Milverton Street Fair 2022

Fabulous to have the Milverton Street Fair back in the Annual Calendar. Extra good to have the Maypole at the Old House, which will certainly feature next year by popular request. Great pictures from Nik Thomas of the Street Fair

Easter egg rolling

Flowers in Remembrance

The flowers at Easter have been provided through generous donations in memory of loved ones, some to be remembered privately and some named. Among them we are asked to remember:

  • Felix O’Reilly
  • Ken Williamson
  • Jane Dalton
  • Julia Cooke (nee Chalmers)
  • Preb. Philip and Mrs Catherine Allan
  • Frank and Constance Chalmers
  • Walter and Daisy Yeandle
  • Ken Smith
  • Ray Fisher
  • Reg Rossiter
  • Alan and Doris Winter
  • Val Winter
  • Ernest (Gus) Ellis
  • John Renfree 
  • Mr and Mrs F. Newman 
  • David Newman
  • John Newman 
  • Mrs J Adey
  • Bill Meadows
  • Canon Ian Ainsworth Smith
  • Kim Larkworthy
  • Ray and Mary Chant
  • Emma Labett 
  • Joseph and Daisy Labett
  • Mrs Ida Bond 
  • Mr Jack Garside
  • Mrs Hilda Garside
  • Francis LeClere
  • Wendy Lovett
  • John Brice
  • Margaret Greedy
  • Audrey Waymouth
  • Stephen Bellringer
  • William and Joan James
  • Dr Jim Murray

Milverton Primary School history lesson

Class 1 have fully immersed themselves in our new local history topic where we are looking at the Duke of Wellington and why, on the Blackdown hills (which we observed from our school field) we can see the Wellington Monument.

The topic started by watching a drone video of Wellington Monument in which we could see Wellington in the distance from the air. We learnt lots of facts about the Monument including that it’s the largest 3 sided obelisk in the world.

We couldn’t really picture how tall the Monument was so we went onto the field and measured out the full 53 meters and ran between the distance! I set Class 1 a challenge to build a model Wellington Monument out of a resource of their choice. It was tricky to construct a three sided shape, but after some perseverance we had some great structures out of paper, Mobilo and Lego. We also created an observational painting of the Monument – the children worked really hard on this and their work was excellent!

We are now learning about the Duke of Wellington himself and the Battle of Waterloo. Class 1 have composed a list of questions which they would like to answer by the end of the topic, which include: How many days was the battle? What did you wear during the battle? And how old is the Wellington Monument?

We have also been talking about the Primary and Secondary research types, and why it’s important to think about our reading, and consider whether it is true or not.

Mrs MacCormack

Class 1 create Wellington Monument pictures

Phones and cameras needed!

Reception Class are looking for old phones (mobiles or landline) and any old cameras for their play area. If you have one to donate, please send it in! Thank you.

White-tailed eagles seen in Somerset

White-tailed EagleIt is with great excitement that White-tailed Eagles can be once again seen in Somerset after an absence of over 200 years! White tailed Eagles or Sea Eagles are native to England but were driven to extinction through human persecution in the 17th century. The last breeding pair was recorded on the Isle of Wight in 1780.

Due to the hard work and persistence from Roy Dennis Britain’s leading expert in restoring wildlife, and his team. White-tailed Eagles were successfully reintroduced to Scotland where the population is now stable at around 150 breeding pairs.

In 2019 through a partnership with Forestry England and the RDWF the first cohort of 6 White-tailed Eagles were successfully reintroduced to the Isle of Wight only 4 of those birds survived. Now in 2022 it’s the fourth year of the project. There are currently 20 White-tailed Eagles in the wild which have dispersed across England.

In the first four years the young Eagles are very nomadic and can travel great distances. Some of the birds have spent time in Scotland, Yorkshire, the Peak district, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Hampshire, Dorset and the Southwest. One female spent the summer of 2021 on Exmoor. She was released from the Isle of Wight in 2020 and has the leg ring code G405. The birds have been fitted with GSM satellite trackers which enables the team to track their movements and see how they are using the landscape.

In November G405 flew to Cornwall and one of the females released in 2021 has flown over to Exmoor she has the leg ring code G814. The vast undisturbed landscape of Exmoor provides a great habitat for the Eagles.

In the first winter the birds rely heavily on carrion with over 30 per cent of the diet being scavenged. Other items that they have been observed eating are rabbits, hares, waterfowl, gulls, and corvids. In summer and spring much of the diet is made up of fish.

If you would like to find out more about the project and the Eagles movements, go to Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation.

Zoe Smith
Associate Ornithologist

From the Vicarage in February

What do we think of in February? Well, retail outlets and advertisers would suggest Valentine’s Day, a day to express your love to a chosen one, sometimes with an element of surprise and
mystery. Seasonally, this tends to be an uneventful month, not quite Spring but the days are getting longer. In our church calendar we mark the transition from Christmas towards our preparations for Lent and Easter.

What are we thinking of in February 2022? Almost 2 years since that first lockdown, trying to rebuild ourselves and each other, physically and emotionally. Judging by most of the conversations I have recently shared, a lot of us are “struggling a bit” at the moment. We see changes in ourselves we are uncomfortable with; our weight, our lack of enthusiasm for smart, structured clothing, our awareness that we should do something, but maybe not yet! We see in friends and family members changes that concern us; emotional outbursts, frailty, altered perspectives on life.

There is no magic way to cope with these changes, but we can all do our bit…instead of hoping someone else will “sort things out”, I suggest February 2022 is when we greet each other, ask how they really are and let them tell you! None of us can solve each other’s problems but we can listen, knowing that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, we can give them our time and a bit of space to unpack their feelings.

For those who need some quiet space ‘Time out on Tuesdays’ 6pm to 7.30pm continues at St Michael’s Church, heating on, gentle music playing, space just to be yourself, some privacy, activities that might help you process your thoughts where anyone and everyone is welcome.
For your diaries…., as we reflect on the second anniversary of this Pandemic…’Threads of Survival’ is coming to St. Michael’s Church, from the end of March for 2 weeks….an exhibition of quilts made during the lockdown period by groups and individuals across the country reflecting on life during the pandemic and the role of the NHS. These are stunning and thought provoking, whether you are a craftsperson, a supporter of our keyworkers, admirers of Art and design or just intrigued…you are all welcome.

Our communities are beginning to plan for the 4 day Platinum Jubilee celebrations and to start things off St Michael’s Church, Milverton are offering a Special service to mark Queen Elizabeth’s accession 70 years ago on 6 February. This will be a sung service with “In Ecclesia” at 4pm, the retiring collection will be for In Ecclesia as they bring musical opportunities to many of our tiny rural churches without charge. All are welcome to join us for the first of many celebrations to mark our Queen’s special year and her long reign.

February 2022, show the love, listen to each other and be kind!

My prayers and blessings for each and everyone of you.



Defibrillator help required

As noted last month, the defibrillator at the Victoria Rooms was successfully used to save a man’s life, it is therefore vital that this village asset be retained. Parish Councillor Roger Cotton, undertook to make the necessary regular checks and reports to South West Ambulance Service and due his untimely death, a volunteer to take on this role is now urgently required. It is not onerous but is a requirement of the agreement the Parish Council has with SWAS.
If you are interested in finding out what is entailed, please contact me.

Tim Payne
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council
01823 432959 or email:

Milverton Music December update

Moscow Drug ClubA sell-out for our Concert on 3 December Music from 1930’s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango and Gypsy Campfire plus Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. A brilliant band we booked back in 2018 plus Tones music quiz. Due to Covid concerns there is no buffet this year so everyone is bringing their own evening meal or snack. There is a bar and free mince pies and cream.

A terrific evening in November when everyone sang at least one top 20 hit from any decade. There were some memorable performances but the sight of our audience singing along to ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ will stay with me for ages. Rock on Kylie, la la la-la la-la la la !

Check out the calendar on our web site for the artists booked next year and don’t forget to book your seat for the first open mic session of 2022 on 7 January. Doors open at 7.30pm music starts at 8.00pm

We were pleased to hear that Alan Pettifer who was taken ill during last months open night is now recovering at home. He spent 2 weeks in hospital and had a defibrillator and stent implanted. He can now walk for 30 mins a day and thanks us all for our care and support.

Phone 01823 400416 or email

Tony Batten
Milverton Music Club


A time of remembrance and thanksgiving for those we love on Tuesday 2 November at 6pm in St Michael’s Church, Milverton.

This time of remembering is for individuals, families, friends – indeed anyone who has experienced the death of someone special in our lives.

There will be an opportunity to place their name on the prayer tree, to light a candle and give thanks for all that person meant and continues to mean to us.

Parish Council July update

It was a welcome return to face to face meetings in June, albeit under continuing social distancing rules so we were in the main hall of the Victoria Rooms.

The meeting included the following business:

  • Planning applications at Periwinkle Cottage and Bailiff’s Cottage were supported
  • Terms of reference for the Council’s committees were approved
  • Members were pleased welcome Mr Rod Burton who was co-opted on to the Council, bringing us back up to a full complement
  • The Amenities Committee, which is overseeing the refurbishment of the toilets, had met recently to discuss the latest information provided by Crofts Surveyors. A further meeting was planned at which it was hoped final design would be agreed, enabling quotes for the work to be sought shortly thereafter
  • A National Lottery grant had been secured pre-Covid to enable the refurbishment of Jubilee Gardens, the Council is to work with the Garden Club to effect the works, which are scheduled to be completed before September
  • The rainwater harvesting project at the Allotments has begun with some material being delivered. This will make harvested rainwater available to all plot holders. The Council agreed that a further £300 would be made available from the Allotment funds to enable a fourth pod to be installed increasing the rainwater harvesting capacity from 6000 to 8000 litres
  • A few matters re highways had been dealt through liaising with Somerset County Council, and the Council was pleased to hear that a meeting with an SCC representative had been arranged in early June at which some of the larger issues concerning traffic in Milverton are to be discussed
  • SWT Councillor Gwil Wren reported on the recently announced result of the poll carried out throughout Somerset regarding the Unitary Council. The result being 65 per cent to 35 per cent in favour of the Stronger Somerset proposal. This is not binding and the decision by the central government will be made in early Summer 2021.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 5 July, again back at the Victoria Rooms, starting at 7pm.
If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter please let me know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Tel 01823 432959 or email