Milverton, Somerset

WI April update

Milverton WI members were treated to a surprising and interesting talk by Sally Kershaw, her subject being ‘How to enter and win competitions’.

Sally is also a member of her local WI and her enthusiasm was palpable. The number of competitions she has entered either in magazines, newspapers and other publications is legion – and she has won amazing prizes. Sally explained how easy it is to compete, and she pointed out the pitfalls to be avoided.

Members and guests enjoyed tea and biscuits and the chance to pick up more tips from Sally. The next WI meeting will be on 4 April 2024 at 2.30 pm in the Victoria Rooms. Alastair Oxberry from The Foot and Gait Clinic in Taunton will be the speaker. Guests are very welcome.   

Milverton WI March update

The ladies of the Milverton W.I. had a splendid talk from Sue Williams entitled “Turn Right at the Piano and other tales of an itinerant English teacher”. This talk was both informative and entertaining. She talked about her time teaching and travelling in such countries as Nepal, India, Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, illustrating her adventures with beautiful photographs. She described the geography of some of the regions where she worked and visited, as well as describing some of the various methods of transport she used, such as tuktuks, cars, buses, boats and especially motorcycles (many accommodating whole families and their goods on one motorcycle). We were intrigued by her title and eventually she was able to tell us that this was a description of how to get around a hospital when she was a patient there. We all enjoyed Sue’s talk which gave us much to think about and discuss over the tea and biscuits which followed.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 7 March at 2.30 p.m. when Sally Kershaw will talk about how to enter and win competitions.  

Visitors are always very welcome at our meetings.

WI February update

In December Milverton WI members joined other local WI groups to visit Wells Cathedral where they took part in the WI Carol Service. It was a memorable occasion, the readings and the singing were magnificent. Instead of a formal meeting in January we arranged an informal tea party gathering at Shirley Blagden’s house. Thank you, Shirley, for welcoming us for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 1 February; the speaker will be Sue Williams whose subject is ‘Turn right at the Piano – and other tales of an itinerant English Teacher’.

Sounds intriguing!

Milverton WI in January

Milverton WI was delighted to welcome members and guests to Zoe Smith’s excellent talk about the White Tailed Eagle and other wonderful raptors. Zoe  recently represented Europe on the board of the Raptor Research Foundation,  and she illustrated her talk with amazing photographs of the Sea Eagle and other raptors.

The Sea Eagles are exploring potential breeding sites, and hopefully Exmoor may become their chosen territory. Zoe’s enthusiasm for her work was palpable and her knowledge was awe inspiring.

Members of Milverton W.I. wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

WI December update

Milverton WI members and guests were treated to a wonderful display of wood carving by Bob Selway. Bob brought a lathe and various pieces of wood. He chose a small round piece of oak with which to make a bowl; it was difficult to imagine how this could happen!

After carefully working Bob turned this piece of wood into a charming little bowl with beautiful markings and a lovely shine. He is a very skilled craftsman and everyone present enjoyed watching this transformation.

We held a raffle and Shirley Blagden was the proud winner of the bowl. Next month, on 7 December, we will be delighted to welcome Zoe Smith whose subject is ‘The Eagle with the Sunlit Eye’. Zoe is a wonderful speaker and we hope many members and friends will join us..

We meet at 2.30pm in the Victoria Rooms.

WI November update

At our October meeting, Chris Coopey gave us a talk about how television came to the West Country. As is so often the case, television arrived much later here than in London and the other regions and the signal originally came from Wales. Chris played various television snippets to us, reminding us of many of the television programmes we had seen over the years and he also brought with him a small black and white television set which gave W.I. Members much to reminisce about.

For many of us the first time we had ever seen television was when whole families gathered around a set such as this one to watch the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953. Chris’s presentation proved to be very informative and a lovely trip down “Memory Lane”. After the talk we were served tea and a selection of delicious biscuits.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 2 November when Bob Selway will be giving us a demonstration of wood turning. Apparently Bob will be bringing a piece of his handiwork for a raffle prize and he will also bring various items which may be purchased, so please bring some money. Visitors are always very welcome.

WI June update

The May meeting was one of celebration! 90 years since Milverton Branch was established and with 3 members achieving 80th birthdays around this time we had a party. Sandwiches, cakes and a special birthday cake were shared by members and guests following the AGM.

Usual reports were given; sadly 4 members died during the year so we would very much welcome new members. Through the year we enjoy various experiences with varied subjects explored. How about sky-diving?

At our next meeting on 1 June, Lottie Dale will relate her experiences and maybe inspire us to try it ourselves!

WI May update

Following our usual business meeting when Members are kept informed about current W.I. affairs, including the resolution which is to be debated by W.I. delegates from all over the country in May in Cardiff, we had a fascinating talk by Denise Budd on the history of the teddy bear. Denise told us that the first teddies ever documented were by Steiff in Germany in 1847.

She took us through the different fashions for all varieties of teddies, showing us representatives from her large collection which she keeps at home in her “Teddy Bear Room”. Many of these bears are expensive and she asks her husband to turn a blind eye when she purchases them. Rupert Bear attended, as did Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh and other bears and soft toys from television programmes. Members had been encouraged to bring their own teddy bears and Denise was able to answer many questions. There was much conversation over tea and biscuits before Members departed.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 4 May at 2.30pm. when we shall have our AGM followed by a tea party to celebrate the Ninetieth anniversary of the Milverton W.I. and the eightieth birthdays of three of our Members.

Milverton WI April update

Milverton WI held its monthly meeting on 2 March which was well attended. Frances Vail, who is a member and former Milverton WI President, regaled members with stories of some of her extensive travels; these included her first visit to work in France, when she could not speak a word of French! Frances also travelled around Australia, which she learned to love.

Our next meeting will be on 6 April 2023 at 2.30 pm in the Victoria Rooms when the speaker will be Denise Budd on the ‘History of the Teddy Bear’. Teddy Bears are very welcome, as are visitors!

WI March update

Milverton WI met on Thursday 2 February, but with a sadly depleted membership after the deaths of Erica Tucker, Doreen Amery and Wendy Carey-Wood; they have all been enthusiastic and devoted members of our WI and we shall miss them very much. Gilly Goodbody is a loyal member of our WI and we extend our sympathy to her and her family on the loss of her husband Julian.

We were all very moved by the presentation given by Mike Czerniak of the Wellington Street Pastors. He explained how the Pastors work in threes, patrolling and helping where needed, in Wellington on Friday evenings. Their ethos is based on prayer and it is non-judgemental. The crime rate in Wellington has steadily fallen at the weekends which underlines their amazing devotion to reducing violence and uncontrolled behaviour. The Pastors also operate in Taunton and throughout the UK.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 2 March at 2.30 pm in the Victoria Rooms when our speaker will be Frances Vail, past President of our Milverton WI, and current Committee member. Her subject is ‘Something from my Suitcase’. It promises to be very interesting as Frances is a well travelled lady.

Visitors are very welcome.