Community speedwatch

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is an initiative of Avon & Somerset Police and is designed to address local speeding problems in partnership with teams from the villages. There are now about twenty schemes operating in the west of Somerset, with more joining and receiving training. CSW has spread throughout the UK and road safety is currently the Police & Crime Commissioners’ fifth objective.

CSW exists to educate and remind motorists thatspeeding through our villages is an antisocial activity and as such is unacceptable. It does not entrap motorists or raise any revenue nor is it concerned with responsible motorists who sometimes drift a couple of miles an hour over the limit.All participants are unpaid volunteers, police trained and are highly visible in yellow reflective jackets.

Speeds are recorded with registration numbers, description of vehicle, time, date and location. This is forwarded to the police and CSW admin at Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue, Taunton. Their responsibility in the partnership is to identify the registered keeper of the vehicle via the PNC (Police National Computer). A warning letter is then sent to the offender. Repeat offenders can now be readily identified and they will receive a final notice from the police warning of a fixed penalty or court action. They may also be added to the ANPR system (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) fitted to Road Policing Vehicles.

Uniformed officers regularly attend a CSW checkpoint and will issue penalty notices where appropriate.

If you are not only concerned about the danger to you or your children from speeding traffic, but are prepared to do something about it, join Milverton’s CSW team – we are currently 10 strong and spend up to 4 hours per month on watches in our village.

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