Pastoral letter

Hello All,

The Bible starts with God declaring ‘Let there be light’. It is a remarkable and profoundly simple statement. Isaac Newton believed that light is energetic particles and Thomas Young from Milverton showed that light has wave properties and they were both partly right. Light has huge variety. It is more than simple white light, or the colours of the rainbow or the Pantone colour chart. Altogether, light is energetic electromagnetic radiation which we now know includes unseen radio and TV waves, heat, Ultra-Violet, X-Rays etc. So much depends on light. It gives energy for plants to create the green leaf that, directly or indirectly, feeds us all. It was extraordinary inspiration to begin, ‘Let there be light’.

Jesus is light and his light includes all the above and shines in many other ways. We can see his light in worship and praise, and when people express it in kind words and actions. The invisible light of his Spirit empowers love, joy and other spiritual qualities, warms the heart, feeds our ideas and attitudes and adds value to our communities. We can find out more by reading about Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and there is always more light for us in those wonderful books but Jesus’ light is given to lead and energise the everyday as we follow him in self-giving, self-sacrificing loving service. May Lent, Easter and Pentecost open us more to the living light that is Jesus.

​ W. John Young