In 1999 it was decided to refurbish the chapel in order to enable ourselves and the village to use our building at other times than on a Sunday and also to give access for a wider range of activities.

Original pewsThe original front of the chapel with the pipe organ on the left and the raised pulpit on the right under the window. The pulpit is now the location of the access door to the meeting room and the doorway under the small stained glass window has been blocked up.


Old chapel

CongregationThis is the old chapel layout with its fixed pews and the view looking to toward the entrance porch and rear of the chapel. With no central aisle, weddings were a challenge, also the Victorian pews ensured full attention during the sermon. This was the last time a service was held before the refurbishment took place.


Entrance porch

Entrance porchThe entrance porch and pews have gone and now we are ready to start work on our millenium project.




Pipe organ

Moving the pipe organThe old pipe organ is ready to be moved to a new home; spot the handle sticking out where it used to be hand pumped. The pulpit on the right hand side has now been dismantled. Part of the old communion rail was used to make the new cross at the front of the chapel and the old hymn board was stripped to blend in with the new decor and is still in use.


A commemorative plaque marks the refurbishmentCommemorative plaque and more than 150 years of worship in the building.