Flower Show classes

Flower classes

1. Roses – one specimen Hybrid Tea.
2. Roses – vases of three stems of Floribunda, one or mixed variety.
3. A bowl of roses, chosen for appearance and scent.
4. Sweet Peas – vase of six stems, three colours
5. Clematis – one bloom.
6. Lilies, three stems, any colour or variety.
7. Any tall herbaceous bloom – one specimen stem.
8. Three stems of one species from your garden today.
9. Fuchsia heads floating in a container.
10. A vase of foliage.
11. Mixed flowers and foliage in a vase.
12. Mixed flowers in a vase.
13. An unusual flower exhibit – one stem.
14. Shrub foliage in flower – in a vase.
15. Cosmos – 5 Stems, any single colour or mixed colours.

Pot plant classes

16. Geranium
17. Succulent/s
18. Fuchsia
19. Foliage Plant
20. A garden container not to exceed 45cm x 45cm of mixed planting.
21. A flowering pot plant (but not as classes 16 and 18)

Fruit and vegetable classes

22. ‘My Best Fruit’.
23. ‘My Best Vegetable’.
24. A selection of mixed soft fruit.
25. Raspberries – dish of twelve (multiple entries allowed)*.
26. Strawberries – dish of six (multiple entries allowed)*.
27. Rhubarb – three sticks.
28. Currants – any colour, any number (multiple entries allowed)*.
29. Any other fruit.
30. Summer Greens in water, eg spinach, purple sprouting.
31. Runner Beans – six pods.
32. French beans – six pods.
33. Lettuce any variety.
34. Potatoes, 4 white (multiple entries allowed)*.
35. Potatoes, 4 coloured (multiple entries allowed)*.
36. Peas – six pods – excluding mange-tout (multiple entries allowed)*.
37. Peas – six pods – mange-tout (multiple entries allowed)*.
38. Carrots – three long rooted (multiple entries allowed)*.
39. Carrots – three stump rooted (multiple entries allowed)*.
40. Onions – three.
41. Shallots – nine.
42. Beetroot – three (multiple entries allowed)*.
43. Courgettes – three.
44. Tomatoes – six – excluding cherry type.
45. Tomatoes – one truss – cherry type.
46. Any other vegetable.
47. A herb display of up to five varieties, labelled and in separate containers
48. A display of salad leaves.
49. A 1,2,3 collection of vegetables in a seed tray (eg 1 cabbage, 2 onions, 3 carrots).
50. From Garden to Kitchen – A display of produce in a trug or basket – 5 or more types of produce.

*Multiple entries accepted – each entry must have labelled varieties.

Floral arrangement classes

51. ‘Red, White and Blue’ max size 90cm (height) x 60cm x 60cm.
52. An arrangement in a cup and saucer. Max size 23cm x 23cm.
53. A posy for presentation – display in a glass not exceeding 15cm x 15cm.
54. A Miniature. Maximum 10cm in any direction.

Cookery classes

In the interests of hygiene, cooked items must be displayed in a window bag (not cling film).

55. A loaf of bread. Not made in a bread maker. 
56. A savoury quiche, approx 20cm diameter.
57. 5 Cheese Scones. Open to all, young and old.
58. Lemon curd in a glass jar.
59. Any jam in a glass jar.
60. A Victoria sponge, 4 eggs, approx 20cm diameter.
61. A paté.
62. An apple and apricot cake – recipe supplied.
63. 5 pieces of shortbread.
64. A boiled fruit cake.

Handicrafts, art and photography classes

65. Home handicrafts – an item of tapestry or petit pointe.
66. Home handicrafts – a home-made soft article, any materials.
67. Other crafts – wood and/or metal.
68. Other crafts – including ceramics and glass, but not as  70 and 72
69. A picture; any medium, frame optional. Painting and drawing (not a photograph).
70. ‘An animal in close up’ – one photograph**.
71. ‘The Jubilee’ – two photographs**.

**Photographs framed or unframed, not exceeding A4

Children’s classes

All classes are for 12 years or under – the age of exhibitor to be clearly marked. It is suggested that young children may be supervised. Please try not to influence the entry.

6 years old and under

72. Draw a picture of what the Queen’s Jubilee means to you.
73. Make a house from Lego, max dimensions 30cm.
74. A potato head.
75. Grow a broad bean in a jam jar.

7 to 12 years old

76. A photograph taken in or around Milverton or Fitzhead (winner for the Parish magazine cover)*.
77. A poem about about the Queen’s Jubilee.
78. A garden on a dinner plate.
79. 6 jam tarts.

*A photograph taken in or around Milverton and/or Fitzhead. The winning entry will be on the cover of the September edition of the Parish magazine. Photographs must be ‘portrait’ orientation.

Miscellaneous classes

80. ‘Best leaf in my garden today’ – one stem.
81. ‘Best bloom in my garden today’ – one stem.
82. ‘Most scented bloom in my garden today’ – one stem.
83. An insect made from natural materials.
84. Sheer Neglect!
85. A container of cottage grown annual sweet peas.
86. Biggest tomato.
87. An arrangement of hedgerow and/or meadow materials.
88. A Limerick – with a Jubilee theme.

Home brew corner

89. Home made wine.
90. Home made beer, lager or cider.
91. Home made liqueur.
92. Home made non-alcoholic drink.

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