Rules and general information

  1. Entry forms and fees must be delivered in an envelope to Milverton Post Office not later than 12 noon on the Wednesday preceding the Show day.
  2. Entry fees are 50 pence per exhibit. Children’s classes are free. Children entering an adult class pay 20 pence per exhibit.
  3. No exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in each class (except where indicated).
  4. All exhibits to be grown by the exhibitor except for flower arranging material; cookery ingredients; handicrafts materials.
  5. All plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least three months. The Committee reserves the right to visit exhibitor’s gardens.
  6. Exhibitors to provide plates, dishes and containers at their own risk.
  7. Where there are three or less entries in any class only one prize may be awarded.
  8. The Committee reserves the right to change any Judge without notice.
  9. First prize counts four points, second prize counts two points, third prize counts one point. Should two or more exhibitors secure an equal number of points a trophy will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the highest number of first prizes.
  10. The hall will be open at 7.30am. All exhibits are to be staged by 10.30am on the day of the show. No exhibit may be removed before 4.30pm. No exhibits may be staged on the evening preceding the show.
  11. The decisions of the Judges shall be final.
  12. The words ‘kinds’ and ‘varieties’ are used in the following sense: roses and dahlias are kinds of flowers. ‘Peace’ and ‘Superstar’ are varieties of roses.
  13. Prizes for all classes: First £2, Second £1, Third 50 pence.
  14. Admission free.
  15. Exhibitors may claim prize money from the Show Treasurer only between 3.30pm and 4.15pm. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited to the Society.
  16. Trophies will be engraved at the club’s expense.

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