Data Protection Privacy Notice

A group of volunteers has formed to provide services to the older and vulnerable members of the Community during the Covid 19 epidemic. This requires certain personal data to be collected from the volunteers by the CV19 Support Group.

For the most part, such data is confined to the contact details (names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and relevant experience) of volunteers. This information will be used solely to contact volunteers for the purpose of arranging activities and tasks. Volunteers will be asked to provide such data before joining the group, and provision of this data will be taken as consent to use it for the purpose specified.

Address and sometimes telephone details may be taken of those people to whom services are provided by the group. These details will be used solely to enable the provision of such services. Under no circumstances will bank account or credit card details be requested.

Personal data will not be shared with any other groups or organisations, and will not be used for any other purpose without the express written consent of the individual concerned. The data will be deleted when no longer required. If anyone wants to know what data is held about him or her, or wishes for it to be removed, they should contact David Hatfield on 01823 401082.

The collection and use of this data will be for members of our Milverton community and we will only be collecting personal data which is generally common knowledge within the village and publicly available. Data will be held in an industry standard, cloud hosted platform. In the circumstances it is not considered necessary to create a detailed privacy policy as this may hinder the effectiveness of the group to provide the assistance required. The individuals’ data will be used for lawful purposes: in the case of the volunteers under the legitimate interest of processing it to enable them to help and for the people needing the help for their health and safety. Team members are advised on basic security measures as provided by the Information Commissioners Office.