Milverton Court Leet

The Milverton Court Leet comprises 24 members of the Jury namely:

  • Port Reeve: Leader of the Jury, presides over the court in session
  • Bailiff: responsible for summoning the court and be guardian of any monies
  • Ale Taster and Water Keeper
  • Town Crier
  • Free Suitors: those members that have gone through office
  • Jurymen: newly sworn in jury members or those yet to go through office

Membership is made up from residents who have lived in the hundred for 10 years or more. When a vacancy arises members submit a list of possible candidates for consideration, who in their view have contributed to the benefit of the hundred and the health and wellbeing of both community and village life. Candidates selected by the jury are invited to join..

A record of previous Port Reeves is on display in the Milverton Victoria Rooms.