Milverton Croquet Club

Milverton Croquet Club

Milverton Croquet club was originally started back in the 1960s.

In May 2022 Chris Mann and Torquil Buist decided to set up a Summer Tournament at the Recreation Grou. They found an old trunk in the back of the Cricket Pavillion. The trunk was covered in thick dust, and they found Milverton Cricket Club written on the top. Having discovered that all the required equipment were in good order it inspired them to start the first round in June. Last year 36 people joined up for the tournament. There was much laughter and there were some mishaps as the rules were varied as each team had their own rules. However, the players, because the grass was not cut after a couple of weeks due to the heatwave the loyal players relentlessly battered their way through the rounds. The scorching hot summer weather continued and there was no rain for 2 months until the day of the grand finale.

The grand finale was played at The Lodge, the owners Andrew and Georgina Banton kindly prepared their front lawn in time for the last precious 4 hours of the warm summer sunshine. At 4pm the heavens opened forcing the players and spectators to run off back to their houses for shelter, so it ended with a big bang. Due to the great success last year, we are playing again at the Recreation Ground.

Lessons have been learnt from last year’s organisation and the croquet lawn will be cut every 2 weeks until the semifinals have completed.

During the Tournament on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm at the Recreation Grounds there will be a social drink for those playing and for those not playing can come along to watch an informal game of croquet.

There will be four Rounds. The first 3 Rounds will be played at the Recreation Ground:

  • 1st Round played by 16 teams (a pair in each team)
  • The winners play the 2nd Round (8 teams) and the winners of that round play in the semi-finals (4 teams)
  • The Grand Finale will be held at The Lodge on the Sunday 3 September

Currently the starting dates are:

  • Opening Social Event – Wednesday 14 June at 6pm to 8pm
  • Round 1 – start from Thursday 15 June
  • Round 2 – start from Monday 10 July
  • Semi-Finals – start Thursday 27 July
  • Grand Finale in September on third Sunday. Time to be confirmed

It’s a first come, first served basis – we are only allowing 16 teams to play otherwise it gets too complicated. Each round must be completed by the next start date.

We will have an opening kick-event with drinks on the Wednesday 14 June at 6pm to 8pm. The rules and set up will be explained to everyone and this will make it easier for all playing members to follow all the same guidelines.

For more details or to join the group, contact Chris Mann at or Torquil Buist at

Croquet Tournament 2023

Round 1 from 15 June

  1. Chris Mann and David Matthews
  2. Torqil Buist and Gary Whittaker