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Milverton Village Archive

Registered address: St Michael’s Church Office, Parsonage Lane.

Bank: HSBC


  • Maggie Dinning, Curator
  • David Hatfield, Archivist
  • Andrew Bowman, Treasurer
  • John Clements, Researcher

The MVA has a constitution and maintains the Milverton archive collection. All items in the collection have an accession number. Details of every accession is kept in an accession ledger. There is a copy of this ledger.

All donors of items receive an acceptance slip a copy of which is kept by the donor and the MVA. Items are not accepted on loan except photographs which may be loaned to be copied and then the original is handed back to the owner.

Background to the Milverton archive

The Archive grew from the formation of the Milverton and Fitzhead Society which began in 1975. It became a civic society and began to collect items of interest of the village. Eventually, these items were stored in a tin trunk in the redundant surgery building behind St Mildreds of Dr Watson.

When Dr Watson moved in 2009, Nigel Wood was asked to look after the collection which he did until 2018 when Maggie Dinning took over the responsibility.

A permanent secure home for the Archive has always been desired. The MVA is grateful for storage granted at the Old Coach House at the Vicarage by Helene Stainer, the Vicar. However, as this building cannot allow the public to visit it is not ideal. A display case is situated in the St Michael’s Church.

Heritage displays are held in the Church and a large display is held during the annual street fayre in May. Other smaller displays are arranged usually at the Victoria Rooms at the Milverton History Group meetings.

In 2020 the Recreation Ground Trustees agreed in principal to allow a site to be used for a purpose built structure to be constructed to both house the archive collection and allow access by the public.

If you would like more information on this project and maybe become in involved, please contact Maggie the Curator at

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