Milverton Village Archive Privacy Notice

The Milverton Village Archive needs to hold details of donors to establish clear ownership of the items in the collection. Some of the Items may also refer to living people. All this information is subject to the General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR), and it is therefor necessary to have a policy relating to its use and protection.


  1. Personal details will be held in the Archive only:
    • to establish ownership of Archive items (please note that the Archive accepts items only as gifts)
    • in case it is necessary to contact original owners of items
    • to identify people to whom an archive item refers
  2. Personal details held in the Archive remain the property of the person or persons concerned (the data owners).
  3. Personal details will not be passed to members of the public without the owners’ written permission.
  4. People from whom the Archive receives data will be notified about its possible use at the time.
  5. Where the Archive holds personal data previously received, the same policies will apply, but the
  6. Archive will not attempt to contact the data owners.
  7. A data owner may ask for a copy of any data held about him or her.
  8. A data owner may ask for his or her personal data to be deleted from the archive.