1. The name will be Milverton Village Archive (MVA)

2. The combination of artifacts and documentation retained by the MVA is referred to as the Collection.

3. The Collection is currently held at the St Michael and All Angel’s Church and church store and a store cupboard in the Victoria Rooms to which we have a key and pay rent.

4. The correspondence addresses:
St Michael’s Parish Church Office
Parsonage Lane

An email address is maintained at

Aim and objectives

5. The aim is to collect and maintain safe keeping for:

    • artefacts
    • documents
    • photographs
    • maps
    • books
    • oral history recordings etc relating to the history of Milverton

Also to ensure the Collection is retained in the village of Milverton.

6. The Collection shall be maintained for public benefit, education and research and to promote access to the Collection by the public.


7. The MVA is a volunteer run ‘not for profit’ organisation

8. The MVA shall have the power to rent or purchase property for the purpose of enhancing the display of items and the proper safe storage of the Collection.

9. The management of the Archive shall be by the officers of the Management Committee comprising : Curator, Treasurer and Secretary with the power to create further posts when necessary.

10. The MVA shall have the power to appoint or dismiss officers with a minimum quorum of 3 on a majority vote of the officers.

11. A Bank Account will be established which will require a single signature of any one of the Management Committee for the Issuing of cheques. All members will have access to the online banking.

12. Officers will be paid allowable expenses and perform such duties as lawful and necessary to maintain the Archive aim and objectives.

13. The MVA shall have the power to purchase items of interest to the Archive.

14. An AGM will be held annually. It will be open to the public but they will acquire no voting rights.

15. Audited Accounts will be presented by the Treasurer and will be open for Inspection.

16. 2 weeks’ notice will be required should an officer wish to stand down.

17. Ordinary meetings will be held on a regular basis.


18. The Constitution shall be amendable by a majority vote of the officers.


19. Should dissolution of the MVA be deemed necessary by a majority vote of officers the Collection will be offered to a like minded organisation. Any money assets left after all debts have been cleared will be offered to a charitable institution having similar objectives to the MVA .