Milverton, Somerset

WI April update

Milverton WI members were treated to a surprising and interesting talk by Sally Kershaw, her subject being ‘How to enter and win competitions’.

Sally is also a member of her local WI and her enthusiasm was palpable. The number of competitions she has entered either in magazines, newspapers and other publications is legion – and she has won amazing prizes. Sally explained how easy it is to compete, and she pointed out the pitfalls to be avoided.

Members and guests enjoyed tea and biscuits and the chance to pick up more tips from Sally. The next WI meeting will be on 4 April 2024 at 2.30 pm in the Victoria Rooms. Alastair Oxberry from The Foot and Gait Clinic in Taunton will be the speaker. Guests are very welcome.   

Community Review Project 2024

The Community Council for Somerset (CCS)  is undertaking a Community Review Project to enable parish councils to engage with their communities in an inclusive and meaningful way to create a Community Plan to address the needs and ambitions of the parish. 

We are pleased to announce that Milverton Parish has been selected to participate in this process. This will commence in the Spring of this year and conclude in the Autumn – it will involve forming a ‘Steering Group’ of around six to eight volunteers from within our community. All aspects and issues affecting our community are up for discussion – be it traffic, parking, public transport, amenities such as a youth club, environment, education, new development, etc. 

We are looking for volunteers from around the parish of all ages and interests to participate. There will be some online training (with flexible timings) and we have already been allocated an advisor to help us through the process. The idea will be to put together a Community Survey for distribution mid Summer to all parishioners. The results of the survey will be collated and analysed  and, in conjunction with the Steering Group, 

CCS will produce a Community Review Report and an Action Plan incorporating recommendations for projects within our community as well as potential funding streams to help finance these projects. 

If you would like to know more and/or volunteer for this project please contact Milverton Parish Council at  no later than Friday 5 April.

Milverton Lunch Club April update

The weekly Lunch Club will be starting on Thursday 4 April. It will be held in the Victoria Rooms until mid-June at which point it will transfer to the Recreation Ground for the summer months.

Doors will open at 10.30am and we will offer coffee and biscuits, followed by entertainment or a quiz.

Lunch will be at 12.30pm and we finish by 1.30pm.

A raffle will be included. Everyone will receive a ticket. There will be one prize, which will be provided by the Club.

Wivey kitchen will provide meals for £8 as soon as they are settled into their new commercial kitchen, meanwhile, delicious soup and pud will be provided for £6.

If you need transport, Wivey Link will expect your call.

Additional helpers are very welcome. Please do come forward, even if it is only for a few times per year. Call Sue on 01823 400609 or Julia on 01823 401082

Parish Council March meeting summary

 Summary of the meeting held in March 2024 is as follows:

  • The Council agreed to support the applications for Listed Building Consent in respect of 3/4 Chapel House and Little Carlton House, though the latter being conditional on several suggested amendments being made
  • The Council is to push for Somerset Council to undertake the CCTV inspection of the culvert that would highlight any deficiencies needing to be addressed as well as improvements to the grill by Woodbarton. The Council is willing to consider making a financial contribution to these works if it would enable them to be actioned sooner rather than later
  • There is no news on when works will be undertaken to deal with water appearing from a well by Jubilee Gardens which causes the run-off down to the carpark. This too is being chased though will be impacted by the monies set aside for such works by Somerset Council
  • Whilst the Parish Council was looking to prune the tree outside the toilets, this was in fact cut back by persons unknown. It remains to be seen if this will regrow from its reduced size

Full minutes of the meeting will be posted on Milverton Parish Council.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 8 April at the Victoria Rooms.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter, please let me know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email

Parish Council vacancies

There are currently two vacancies on the Parish Council which gives an opportunity for new blood to get involved and contribute to the future well-being of the parish.

Given the issues being presented as a result of the problems with Somerset Council, it is even more important for residents to be aware of and take decisions on matters that the parish is faced with.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of a Councillor, please contact either me or any Councillor. 

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email


The Globe April update

Thank you to everyone who came along to the presentation on 20 March, which was very well received.

As a reminder, although we have received significant pledges to date, our target remains £580 000 and every purchase counts.

Please reach out to Management Committee members or via the Milverton Community Benefit Society to make your purchases. The window for purchasing is from 21 March 2024 to 10 May 2024.

Milverton Community Benefit Society

From the Vicarage in April

Clocks have changed and the Easter season has arrived, In our church calendar we have marked the last few weeks of Jesus’s life, His death on the cross and then His resurrection. A new start, new life, a way forwards.

The Easter season continues in church life for most of April when, in our churches, we hear the many stories of Jesus seeing friends, the early church beginning to grow, new hope around every corner both then and now.

This is a time of change as we welcome Langford Budville and Runnington into our benefice. Each of our churches are unique, they have different ways of connecting with their community, different ways of using their buildings but all rely on the support of their communities. All are welcome to attend their local church annual meeting to find out more.

I have been asked frequently, “how do you manage with extra parishes?” That is easy to answer…the Priest does not run the churches, does not make all the decisions and does not lead all the services….Our local churches rely on the amazing volunteers who care for the buildings, lead services, visit those in need, raise money, manage the legal requirements faced by any institution; and do so with love and commitment.

A big thank you to everyone who keeps our churches running and as relevant parts of our communities.

Easter blessings,

Easter flowers

Thank you to all those who made donations for the Easter lilies and flowers in memory of loved ones, some of whom we are asked to remember by name while others remain privately remembered.

A board in church bears names and you are welcome to add others. 

We remember all who have died.

Easter garden

In recent years it has delighted everyone that children have made an Easter Garden against the Church Wall.  Do visit and admire it. There is also the larger Easter Garden in Church which is open to all.

Sanctuary crafting

Spring printing on Wednesday 3 April from 6pm to 9pm at St Michael’s Church, Milverton.

A time to relax, share a skill, and enjoy the space

Barn dance in May

The Milverton Trust barn danceFollowing the success of last year’s barn dance, The Milverton Trust (TMT) is excited to be arranging another. This time TMT is teaming up with the Milverton School Association to raise funds for both organisations.

Date: Saturday 16 May
Time: From 6.30pm
Venue: Whittle’s Houndsmoor Farm barn

There will be a burger stand run by a volunteer team and a bar with a range alcoholic and soft drinks on sale. We can take cash or card.

  • Family ticket of 2 adults plus up to 2 children aged between 5 and 16 years is £20
  • Adults, 16 years +, £8 each
  • Children 5 to 16 years, £5 each

Tickets can be bought by scanning the QR code in the poster or email at

Hedgerow Chaplain in March

Welcome to March!

A spiritual time for our inner awakening, and nature coming alive alongside us!

We are entering that amazing time when all of life and nature, including ourselves comes alive with the warming sun, the longer days and when we can start to throw off the restraints of Winter.

We can reach out, like the trees, plants and animals for what we want, put our plans that we have been working on through the darker days into reality and to journey forth and embrace all that is new!

The Spring Equinox on the 21 March tells us of the balance of the day with night, both equal and therefore both in harmony, as we are with nature.

This is the month dedicated to Oestre, the pagan fertility goddess of humans, crops and new beginnings. Rabbits or hares, eggs and spring flowers are her symbols, all honouring balance, renewal and rebirth with the awakening of the earth.

Lent began on the 14 February so we still have until the 28 March to go through our own time of spiritual discipline and repentance. We are searching our inner souls for self-control to replicate Jesus’s sacrifices in the desert and his avoidance of temptation during the 40 days. We can also instead of the ‘giving up’ of certain food and drinks, give something! How about a donation to Charity, give love and caring to your family and friends or even those you don’t know. How about even trying out some prayers.

Mothering Sunday is on the 10 March. This is the time mum has breakfast in bed and then does not need to do anything for the rest of the day!

The clocks change on 31 March at 1am and ‘spring forward’ to 2am. Sorry, an hour in bed lost!

There is a Super New Moon on the 10 March at 0900, so called because it appears a lot closer to the Earth in its elliptical orbit.

The Micro Full Moon you will see on 25 March at 0700, but this time it is farthest away from Earth in its orbit.

The Celtic names for the Full Moon are:

  • Worm (warming earth brings up the worms)
  • Crow (the crows pop down to eat the worms)
  • Seed Moon (time to sow seeds)

Don’t forget the power of the full moon on your being, let it into your soul to guide and enlighten you through the month.

Spiritual walk in March

The spiritual walk for March will be on 19 March starting at 10am from Croft Way Car Park, Wiveliscombe, TA4 2JP (free parking). We will take a walk on the Wivey Hills which will be about 4 miles and take around 3 hours.

To book a place please email me at or text/phone on 07557 958013

Steve Wort