Churchyard survey

Source of information

The collation of St Michael’s Church burial plot information has been derived from two sources. Approximately ten years ago the Dorset Historical Society listed all the identifiable grave stones and any legible inscriptions for burials completed prior to 1980. This list followed the approximate burial rows of the churchyard but gave no information as to the physical location of the plots. Each plot was given a numbered reference identified as the Dorset Reference Number. A freely available hard copy of this list has been located in the church for several years.

During the last three months of 2015 a further survey completed by the Milverton Historical Group identified all the burial plots up to January 2016 and referenced these under a Milverton Reference Number. The opportunity was also taken to confirm the original Dorset reference numbers and to identify any missing or illegible headstones.

In addition the physical location of all the burial plots was identified on the overall graveyard map collated with the Dorset and Milverton referenced plots.

Churchyard zones

The total number of burials identified in the survey was 1328. The total number of burial plots that could be identified was 675 with 45 unidentified, illegible or missing. The number of burial plots was far in excess of those that could easily be physically located. The churchyard has therefore been divided into 14 zones (A -N) with a limited number of plots ranging from 21 to 81 allocated to each.

The current physical positions are given in the ‘Burial plot location‘.

Database information

The following information has been correlated in the database information:

  • Dorset/Milverton reference number
  • zone
  • plot number
  • surname
  • forenames
  • date of birth
  • date of death
  • age
  • inscription or comment on location

Please note the following: dates, where available, are given in the format DD/MM/YYYY. If any of these fields are set to zero the information has not been available.

Where only partial information is available the associated date of birth or age has been inferred from the data given.

Two database formats have been given by:

Database searches

Most requests have been made knowing the surname and approximate date of burial. In which case the database ‘Database by surname‘ should be investigated for confirmed dates and physical location.

Where the approximate physical location is known but not the surname, the database should be investigated under the ‘Database by zones‘.

Omissions and corrections

In several plots it has been very difficult to extract information from the illegible or missing headstone. The notification of any errors, additional or missing information would be most welcome.