Street Fair vehicle access

On the Bank Holiday Monday 6 May 2024, there will be the annual official road and car park closure the length of Fore Street and Silver Street.

Early that morning you will find road closure and diversion signs all around the village. To enable the stall holders to be able to set up on the day, you are required to have your street vehicles removed from these areas by 5.30am on Monday 6 May, to avoid getting up early it may be best to remove them on the Sunday evening. The road closure ends 6pm on 6 May by which time stall holders will all have been removed and residents can return their vehicles.

Milverton street map road closures

Creedwell Orchard

All vehicles are to be removed from the car park at the top of Creedwell Orchard opposite the public toilet block. Residents travelling in and out of Creedwell Orchard on the day will use Rosebank and Houndsmoor Lane as an alternative route guided by The Milverton Trust marshals who will ensure the availability of access and most importantly the safety of our visitors.

Silver Street

All vehicles parked on Silver Street must be removed, including those parked up to The Globe and Rosebank. The whole of Silver Street will be closed.

Parsonage Lane

No vehicles can be parked anywhere in Parsonage Lane as this is an emergency route.

Fore Street

All vehicles parked the length of Fore Street must be removed.

If you are aware of a friend or neighbour who normally parks in Fore Street or the car park but does not live there and may not receive this notification, please pass this message on. There will be a notice at the car park.

Thank you very much for your co-operation with this very important village event.

Phil Young
Chair of The Milverton Trust