Bar rules

January 2024

Main Hall function
Main Hall function

1. Introduction

These Rules are designed to meet the requirement for a premises licence operating schedule in Section 17(3) of the Licensing Act 2003. The key objective of the Management Committee is to provide a full service to users of the village hall while at the same time maintaining a sensitive but firm approach to the sale or supply of alcohol under the Committee’s licence. This is necessary to ensure compliance with the licence conditions, to minimise the impact of anti-social behaviour, to protect children from harm and to contribute towards combating alcohol-related crime and disorder. Moreover, the licence represents a valuable income stream for the village hall and, as Charity Trustees, the Committee is under a duty to protect it.

2. Premises licence

The Victoria Rooms holds premises licence number LPP/000292 issued by Somerset West and Taunton Council, but now the responsibility of Somerset Council. The licence authorises the Management Committee to sell by retail alcohol for consumption on and off the premises as well as carrying on the other licensable activities listed in the Conditions of Hire. Under the licence, alcohol may be sold or supplied between the hours of 10am until 1am the following morning. The licence is subject to a mandatory condition that every supply of alcohol must be made or authorised by the Management Committee. Other conditions attached to the licence are reflected in the Conditions of Hire.

3. Obtaining the Committee’s authority to supply alcohol

Subject to the two exceptions set out in Section 4, the Management Committee will authorise the sale or supply of alcohol under its licence through its Alcohol licence application procedure. Hirers who wish to make alcoholic drinks available at their event or function must submit a completed application form. The completed form should be returned to the Bookings Secretary.

Applicants can:

  1. Ask the Management Committee if they are able to provide and staff a bar, in which case the Committee will normally take the bar profits.
  2. If the event is open to the public or alcohol is to be sold, ask the Management Committee to permit one or more named individuals to sell or supply alcohol.
  3. If the function is not open to the public, is to be attended by invitation only and no charge is to be made, either for entry or for alcohol, ask the Management Committee to permit the hirer to supply alcohol to invited guests.

Applications for a bar under paragraph 1 and applications for authorisation to sell or supply alcohol under paragraphs 2 or 3 above will be considered by the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman or the Bookings Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee. Hirers are asked to apply at least 14 days before the date of the event or function or, preferably, to submit their Alcohol Licence Application forms to the Bookings Secretary with their hiring applications.

Please note that authority to sell or supply alcohol under the Management Committee’s licence will not be granted to anybody under the age of 18. Authority will not be granted for off sales only. Save in exceptional circumstances, authority will not be granted for the sale or supply of alcohol after 11pm. A copy of the Committee’s signed authorisation must be displayed in a prominent place at the bar or otherwise in that part of the premises in which alcohol is to be sold or supplied.

The Committee will not normally allow use of the village hall if alcohol is to be sold or supplied there under a Temporary Events Notice, rather than the Committee’s own licence.

Exceptions to the alcohol licence application procedure

  1. Sale or supply by the Management Committee
    Events and functions organised by the Management Committee itself do not require an Alcohol Licence Application as the Committee is selling or supplying alcohol under its own licence on its own account and does not, therefore, need any other authority to do so.
  2. Sale or supply by nominees of trusted local organisations
    Where an event or function is to be held by a local organisation specified in the Annex to these Rules, standing permission to sell or supply alcohol is granted to the members of those organisations nominated for that purpose in the Annex. There is no need for an Alcohol Licence application, provided that the nominated individuals comply with the conditions set out in the Annex.

4. Selling or supplying alcohol at the Victoria Rooms

The licensing objectives, which are set out in Section 4(2) of the Licensing Act 2003, must be borne in mind at all times by anyone involved in the sale or supply of alcohol in the village hall.

They are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

Nobody under the age of 18 must be allowed to serve behind a bar.

Please note that under no circumstances must alcohol be sold or supplied to anybody under 18 or to any person (of whatever age) who is buying or believed to be buying or attempting to buy alcohol for consumption by an under 18 year old.

It is an offence to:

  • sell alcohol (or knowingly allow a sale) to a person under 18 years old
  • purchase (or attempt to purchase) alcohol if under 18 years old
  • purchase alcohol on behalf of a person under 18 years old

A 16 or 17 year old may drink beer, wine or cider with a table meal, provided that an adult buys the drink and accompanies the 16 or 17 year old. Bar snacks do not count as a table meal for this purpose.

The cardinal rule for bar staff is follow the under 18 rule. If in doubt, refuse service.

Please note that it is also an offence to:

  • sell alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be, drunk
  • sell alcohol to a person who is buying or believed to be buying alcohol for a person who is, or appears to be, drunk

A person granted permission by the Management Committee to sell or supply alcohol in the village hall must be present on the premises at all times during which the sale or supply takes place and remains responsible for the sale or supply, even if not personally serving. Alcohol may only be sold or supplied for consumption on the premises. Irresponsible activities, such as the supply of large quantities of free alcohol, drinking games or dispensing alcohol by pouring it directly into the mouth of another person, are on no account to be permitted.

The Committee requires the sale or supply of alcohol to cease at least 30 minutes before the function or event is due to finish and no later than 11pm, unless, exceptionally, a later time has been allowed. The premises must be vacated by 12.00 midnight.

Unless the Management Committee is providing and running the bar, it is the responsibility of the organiser of the function or event to source the bar stock and provide drinking glasses. Plastic ‘glasses’ (preferably recyclable) are to be used at all times unless otherwise agreed with the Management Committee. They should be disposed of after use in the waste bin provided. Wine glasses and pint and half pint glasses may be borrowed from the village hall where refreshments are to be served at tables.

Where alcohol is to be sold, a tariff must be clearly displayed at the bar or otherwise in a prominent position in that part of the premises in which the alcohol is to be purchased.

5. Role of the Management Committee

Under the Conditions of Hire, any member of the Management Committee is entitled at all times to enter the village hall to ensure that the Conditions of Hire are being observed. In particular, any member of the Committee has the authority to close any bar or require the sale, supply or consumption of alcohol to cease in the event of any breach of licensing law, the licence conditions or these Rules or of any disorderly or unseemly behaviour on the part of any person on the premises.

Annex to the Bar Rules

Local organisations permitted to sell or supply alcohol

Under Premises Licence LLP/000292, the Management Committee hereby grants permission (unless and until revoked) under Paragraph 3.2 of these Rules to sell or supply alcohol under its premises licence to members of the local organisations specified. This standing permission is subject to these conditions:

  1. That the sale or supply takes place at an event or function held on the premises by the organisation concerned.
  2. That at least one member granted this permission is present on the premises at all times during which the sale or supply takes place.
  3. That these Bar Rules are complied with.

Members of local organisations with permission to sell alcohol

  • Milverton Music Club – Tony and Trish Batten, Bev Blackmore, Simon and Helen Hunt, Trevor Lloyd
  • Milverton Dramatic Society – Rebecca Beard, Ginney May, Katy Kershaw, Barry Allaway, Matthew Bowden, Sally Lancaster
  • Milverton Twinning Association – Simon Butt, Honor Clarke, David Leyland, Donna Waymouth, Geoff Elson
  • Milverton Trust – Phil Chambers, Phil Young, John Townend

Entries in respect of other organisations deleted

Philip Knowles for Milverton Victoria Rooms Management Committee
January 2024