Health and safety risk assessment

The following is a record of a health and safety risk assessment of the village hall to identify and control the risks to people using the hall or involved in its maintenance and upkeep. Such people are described as ‘users and contractors’ in this webpage, but the term includes trustees, volunteers, hirers and visitors.

The management committee has no legal obligation to record the findings of this risk assessment as it has no employees. All the repair and maintenance work at the hall is carried out either by volunteers or, where appropriate, by self-employed contractors, who have responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as for other issues, such as their hours of work and their financial and tax arrangements. The committee has, however, decided that there are sound legal and business reasons to record the findings of this risk assessment and to take steps to ensure that they are brought to the attention of those using or working at the hall.

The ‘status column records whether the action has been completed (with the date), is pending or is an on-going responsibility.

How the risk assessment was carried out

The management committee Chairman, Secretary and Bookings Secretary undertook this risk assessment on 17 August 2023 following the guidance published by the Health and Safety Executive and by Action for Communities in Rural England. A copy has been submitted to the committee’s consultants, Atlas Safety Management Ltd.

The findings were adopted by the management committee on 17 August 2023.

This risk assessment review is a working document. Reviews will be conducted annually.