Hire charges

Hire charges from 1 January 2020

Main Hall

Parish resident External resident
First 2 hours £18£25
Each consecutive hour£8£8

Reading Room

Parish resident External resident
First 2 hours £12£15
Each consecutive hour £5£5
  • licence fees for alcohol sales £15
  • kitchen charge for full use of kitchen facilities £10
  • commercial rate is 50 percent above external resident rate

Hiring charges for longer periods (2 or more consecutive days) may be negotiated with the
Bookings Secretary.

Where a function or event is substantially for the benefit of Milverton Parish residents, the
Parish resident rate will apply, even if the individual who actually makes the booking lives
outside the Parish.

The period of chargeable hire will normally include time taken to set up and clear away.
The Management Committee may, in its discretion, reduce the charge or allow access to
the building free of charge for that purpose.

A breakages/damage deposit may be payable at the time of booking at the discretion of the
Bookings Secretary – refundable in accordance with the Conditions of Hire.

A cleaning/maintenance surcharge will be invoiced if the hirer does not leave the premises
in a satisfactory condition after use.

To book please contact the Bookings Secretary Mr Geoff Elson on 01823 401365 or email